2018 – August – Bollywood Blind Item 7

The blind item for today comes from Rajeev Masand. It is nothing you don’t know about. Nothing new. Just a day in the Bollywood drama that is playing out between these two grown-up men. We have said before how it is strange that this superstar broke up with this director.

The director gave him two big hits in a row and the minute the third film got a lot of flak for making the superstar look stupid, the superstar ditched him. It is strange because this actor has worked with flop directors before and with directors and producers who have given him flops before.

It does not make sense why he broke-up with this director, especially since this director gave him this ground-breaking role that went on to change how the direction of this superstar’s career. Is it because the stakes of this superstar’s career are high and he was suddenly embarrassed at the humiliation that this director caused him?

The director is also smart, he wants to get back to the good books of this superstar. You know, it’s like once you get a taste of what the golden goose can do for your career, you would want that back into your life. The director is set to shoot his next with a younger star, so that would be interesting to watch.

Check out the blind item below from Rajeev Masand.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - August - Bollywood Blind Item 7

When Ties Don’t Entirely Snap

Last year, rumour had it that a top star had fallen out with his director after their last film bombed at the box office. Those close to the actor said they weren’t even talking now, after having made three films together. Some said the star was upset the director had insisted on giving the film a tone contrary to the star’s image and on sticking with his ‘vision’ despite the star’s reservations. Others said the actor had been led to believe there were irregularities in the budget. Either way, plans for more films together seem to have been scrapped.

In the months that followed, the actor had taken another director under his wing, and the filmmaker in question had announced both an ambitious mini-series for a streaming platform and a film with another top actor. They weren’t seen together at social gatherings or even the actor’s birthday celebrations—the message was loud and clear.

Throughout, however, the director’s wife kept up social graces, ‘liking’ and commenting on Instagram posts by the actor’s family, especially his sister. Earlier this week, she agreed to host at an event involving the actor and his family. It’s hard to predict if the men will patch up, but it’s refreshing to see things don’t have to remain ugly.

OSOP Guesses

Director: Kabir Khan

Wife: Mini Mathur

Film: Tubelight

Actor: Salman Khan

2018 - August - Bollywood Blind Item 7

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4 Responses

  1. Pooja says:

    Add,I think u don’t understand right now lallu is his 50s that time was gone when he was 30s give flop after flop public give him chance now time have change look at srk even his bff not giving him films.so lallu know 2-3flops back to back n his career is over he is no more 30yrs+ who get film after film even after giving many flops.all superstar career end at their early 50s so now he is careful look at remo d’suza how he dump him even when its not remo’s fault.he doest everything from casting to directing to music n all.

  2. Golden girl says:

    Have anyone notice, how Katrina separated herself from kabir and mini whom she call her family just coz Salman is upset with kabir. Kat has stop talking and meeting kabir. This is real Kat. A fair weather friend . She can’t be loyal to anyone.

    • Pooja says:

      Yes,me.she was celebrated holi with them put pix with them all time play bff n all drama till then tube light flop n kabir rejected her to casting in 83 film opposite rs which she badly lobbing with him.now same drama she playing with anandlrai n Ali Abbas who she dump at just before gunday shooting.I my feeling is bharat will be another tube light of Ali Abbas.

  3. Nars says:

    Admin if you have the time please review Kangana and Sadhguru (Jiggi) interview – I would like to know ur point of view

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