2018 – August – Bollywood Blind Item 6

This blind item comes from Hindustan Times. It was pointless to make it a blind item since you can guess who it’s talking about without scratching your head hard. There is no one around with her situation right now, that’s why.

What else can be said about her situation? She is back in Bollywood at the moment and has already started working on her next film. Maybe that’s where this blind item came from. As for her and the boyfriend, it’s the first time she has behaved in such a way. Still can’t believe it that she has become this open. Holding hands, hugging and all that. Still can’t believe it that this is the same actress, who refused to talk about her relationship. Quite something!

Check out the blind item below with the mindblowing illustration of her and the boyfriend.

Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - August - Bollywood Blind Item 6

2018 - August - Bollywood Blind Item 6

OSOP Guesses

Actress: Priyanka Chopra

Boyfriend: Nick Jonas

2018 - August - Bollywood Blind Item 6

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27 Responses

  1. Shanaya says:

    I really hope no one believed the crap. But now she is just behaving confused which shows she doesn’t herself believe the rubbish she spoke.

  2. Universal says:

    Oh, there were people who actually believed this crap?

    • Lily says:

      Yeah. I’ve had people actually indirectly come at me when I try to tell them it’s fake because they were Priyanka super fans I think.

  3. Shanaya says:

    She needs to apply the break and concentrate on her work. She is conducting herself like a fool in this scenario. Shame! Can’t believe this is the same woman who went around propagating how she doesn’t need a man blah blah.

  4. Hmmm says:

    If this is true, then Gauri Khan’s (or another unfortunate star wife’s) troubles are far from over. Priyanka is desperate and has obviously shown she has no self respect.

    I see her either playing the Rani Mukerji card (continue to be the mistress until the wife is frustrated out), the Sridevi card (get pregnant of a married man so he’ll be forced to marry her as a second wife to save his image) or the Rekha card (continue to fuel rumours of an affair)

  5. Monalisa says:

    The sole purpose of Thakht is to showcase Jhanvi and Alia in a period setting. This is their audition tape for SLB. It’s well known how much Jhanvi and Alia really wants to work with SLB with all the articles released by their pr attaching their names with SLB movies, Β Jhanvi being papped outside his office, Alia’s ott praise for Padmaavat.

    Karan is very smart. Period films/costume dramas may be a new thing for him and not his forte but he is creating the best buzz/ hype for this film by the ensemble cast. He snatched SLB’s hero/muse the current poster boy for period movies as the leading man. All of Ranveer’s period films had worked so far and people really do believe that Ranveer choose the best period scripts. He casted the much hyped original RamLeela onscreen pair Kareena and Ranveer together to create nostalgia. Casted Vicky and Bhumi to conteract allegations of nepotism. If Amitabh was not doing Brahmastra already he would have casted him instead of Anil. Casted future favourites Alia and Jhanvi in a period movie. Even if the story is weak the star cast has already created enough hype and I think he might just pull it off. And actors like RS, Alia, KKK got huge fanbases so it is a plus point.

    Frankly I’m only happy for Ranveer because the obnoxious Kjo and KKK who made fun of him in his intial days are now eager to work with him in a movie he is headling. He has truly arrived. Also the KKK fanboy in him would be so happy to get a chance to finally work with her. Really looking forward to promotion of this movie to see how KKK will act like his fangirl instead and try to spin the “Ranveer embarassed me with his fangirling statement” in to something positive.

    • Amanda says:

      Ranveer and kareena are playing siblings and them being lovey dovey for the promotions seems unlikely… In all likelihood they will use ranveer and Alia and their chemistry for promotions.

      I think bhumi’s casting is due to yrf. Since dharma wants yrf’s golden boy, yrf might have asked for bhumi’s casting as a barter.

      Regarding Vicky’s casting,, well he is son of well known stunt choreographer shyam kaushal. Shyam kaushal has choreographed all the action scenes in SLB’s historical films like padmaavat, bajirao etc.. I think he will choreograph the action in this movie as well… But Vicky has been promoted as an outsider which is entirely false. Since his father’s work is in background and not as film’s face, it’s easy for him to promote himself as an outsider.. With so much of angst against nepo kids, this narrative benefits him… ..

      I have a feeling that ranveer will get paired with janhvi in near future (as a romantic interest) after Alia and Sara…

    • Monalisa says:

      @amanda I know Vicky’s father is Shyam Kaushal. But his father is not a big, famous star/producer/ director or come from a filmy lineage that is why people have no issues with him. I did read up about him prior to his debut. And Masaan was not because of his dad. Some call Bhumi as products of nepotism/insider as well because of her YRF and Shanoo connection. She was Shanoo’s assistant. Even Pari is called the same by some because of PC, her working in YRF prior to her debut and being Maneesh Sharma’s gf. My main point was not about nepotism so will not talk about it further. I just highlighted that because Kjo might factor those things before he finalized the cast.

      I think you maybe right about Kjo and Adi had some kinda barter deal. Ranbir and Varun are doing YRF movies in return Ranveer, Bhumi and Pari in a Dharma movie. Pari is doing Dharma’s Kesari with Akshay

    • Rashmi says:

      about Kesari I strongly doubt it. the shooting is frozen. Dharma announces a new big project, Akshay signs other films, Pari too. it seems to me that Kesari will never happen, that something happened there. instead of Kesari Johar signed Akshay on the film with Bebo instead of Sid

    • Monalisa says:

      @rashmi Really. But they have already started the shooting for Kesari. Is it getting shelved? No official confirmation right.

    • Observer says:

      I think KJo came up with Kesari to piss off Ajay D and Kajol as it was well known that Ajay had spent the last two years doing research on a film based on the same story which he wanted to produce before Taanaji.. Salman was supposed to be producer as Karan had lied to him that Ajay D was not doing the film. Apparently Ajay D informed Salman and Salman walked out of the project.

      Now that Ajay has moved away from the project, and he and Kajol are back to BFF, no more news on Kesari.

    • Rashmi says:

      @Monalisa I think postponed or frozen. We hear news about HouseFull 4, we hear about the film Akshay with Bebo, but we have not heard anything about Kesari for a long time. Neither Akshay nor Pari even speak of him. I understand that the shooting of Kesari was started, but not finished and in the near future the project is not going to be completed

  6. BollyJunkie says:

    Check this out people. Not sure how genuine this is though

  7. Bollywood insider says:

    So much hate and age shaming for PC.. .I m amazed to see women venting and age shaming her. Do they say the same thing when khans n kumars sleep n fool around with girls fit to be their daughters. PC has made a few bad decisions, but she was pushed into walking out of bharat by salman who started giving her trouble from day one. Better to walk out with your dignity intact! I m sure PC will come back stronger, but she needs to focus on work and not all the silly PR antics she has indulged in.

  8. sharuna says:

    add to that kebabjo’s rannbhoomi, HW is churning superheroes after superheroes movies, now bw is following suit, what with superhero movies and also historical movies.

  9. BollyJunkie says:

    Off topic but does anyone know why kjo is no longer working with srk? I was hoping that his next directorial will star srk as he had heavily hinted. I thought they had buried their hatchet and were back on being good terms . Is that not so?

    • NewGirl says:

      Way too many period movies being made now. There’s Thugs ofcourse, Ranbir’s Shamshera, Panipat, Takht, Kalank and some Akshay/Parineeti movie too. I think Ajay Devgan is also making something on Tanaji.

      All riding on the Bahubali/Padmavati wave. Karan directing a historical sounds like a joke. Ranveer should have said no.

    • Amanda says:

      Bollywood just waits for a trend to kick in.. When there was trend of masala films,they produced only masala films,then there was a trend of remakes and then came the trend of biopics and now it’s the era of historicals…

      K Jo probably wants to capitalize on RS’s recent success in historical films.. Also historical films get lavish sets,lavish costumes and a host of small,but important roles where he can cast many of his nepo-kids and may be some of Adi’s kids also…

    • Monalisa says:

      @bollyjunkie They did bury the hatchet. SRK did that cameo in ADHM after the patchup. If SRK was young enough to be paired opposite Alia he would have been the male lead.

  10. BollyJunkie says:

    Lol. Looks like everything is unravelling around PC. Movie gone and looks like now relationship is also gone. But I have a feeling she will come back stronger. She is not the type to take things lying down . If nothing works I am sure she will come out in the open about SRK to create drama and stay relevant

  11. Humpty Dumpty says:

    that pic on the blind had me dying omfg lmfao

  12. Pooja says:

    Its quit visible that pc who in 16yrs of her career never accepted who she dating.suddenly came out as open is quit indigestible. Now she know she can’t able to fool ppl specly Indian so may be she regretting it.

    • Rashmi says:

      Pooja , tell me what it was about in blind? I find it difficult to read the screenshot

    • Rashmi says:

      that’s not a single person to my question did not answer, but put dislike,! Of course, putting dislike, is always easier than helping a person with an answer! lazy, what are lazy (

  13. Hmmm says:

    Making such a drama of her relationship was for publicity and if this item is true she may be having second thoughts. Now her Hollywood movie is postponed and with nothing else in her kitty she needs to seriously think about her next steps. Her Bollywood career in A list movies is over now pity as she is a really good Bollywood actress (terrible in Hollywood though).

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