2018 – August – Bollywood Blind Item 3

The blind item below sounds a bit too hard to believe. For months now, there have been speculations on who will play the villain in the next installment of this famous franchise. So far, nothing officially has been announced but that hasn’t stopped the media reports from going overboard. We will just go right ahead and say that the remaining two Khans are both being considered. Why remaining? Well, because the most successful Khan has already played the villain in the last installment.

Now you all know how the Ultimate Godfather has always said that he will never play a villainous role, so there is a huge chance he is out of this one. But who knows, really?! He has made the most money for this production house so there is a chance they might bend over backward to please him. Can you imagine if that happens? He will come with his posse of struggling actors and get them to fill up every role. That will be quite something!

Jokes aside, it is most likely the closest Khan to this production house who will grab this film. He is the closest to the head of this production house and he is actually free after this film that he is shooting for wraps up. As for the production house, it looks like they are biting off more than they can chew because they have one big film in production right now, two other big films in pre-production and then, there is this one. The big one they are working on right now is crucial for them because it’s the profits that they will use to make their other films. It’s a big film with a different type of story, so it’s exciting to see how it will all shape up.

Let’s just wait and see who they will finally go with for this successful franchise. As for what this blind item is saying about waiting for the superstar’s nod of approval, it ain’t true! Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.

Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - August - Bollywood Blind Item 3

The producers of this action franchise are awaiting a superstar’s NOC before announcing the cast

There has been a talk about two actors being in the race for the role of the main antagonist in one of the biggest action franchisees of Bollywood. However, the producers are waiting for a superstar’s NOC.

There has been a talk about two actors in the race for the main antagonist in one of the biggest action franchisees of Bollywood. Apparently the real reason why there is no confirmation on the name is that the producers of the film have to get an NOC from the star who played the antagonist in the last edition of the film. It was part of his clause when he did the film and trade pundits say that he is one of the biggest stars and does not want anyone lesser than him replacing him in the franchise. But the names that are being considered are definitely closer to his stature. We hope the name that we are hearing now is finalised by the production house as the man has made them.

OSOP Guesses

Producers: Yash Raj Films

Superstar: Aamir Khan

Film: Dhoom franchise

Two Actors: Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan



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9 Responses

  1. Two cents says:

    SRK and RS would be epic. Blockbuster for sure. And did Abhi actually say that Jai should only be played by him? LOL!

  2. Two cents says:

    Salman would probably turn this into Race 3 or 4 or 5. Would be nice to see SRK in it. The poor guy needs a hit so bad, maybe, this will work out for him.

  3. BollyJunkie says:

    Which are the other big movies that you mentioned are in pipeline?

  4. Monalisa says:

    Along with the villan the cop should be re-casted in each installment. No matter what Abhishek says, his character is not so important that the cops characters should always be Jai and only be played by him.

    Aditya should cast his two favs in Dhoom 4. Ranveer as the cop and SRK as the villan. The hype would be insane. This will be epic casting and fandoms will go bersek. πŸ˜‚ Didnot watch maamu’s Dhoom 3 (watched the first two parts) but will definitely watch with my dream cast.

  5. Nars says:

    They need to cast SRK as antagonist and Salman as the cop. It would be fireworks and ppl will be interested in watching them battle it out.

  6. Amanda says:

    Hope YRF doesn’t end like KriArj Films… I think anybody can become Dhoom’s villain… The two cops are useless anyway.. They hardly catch the villain.. Dhoom 3 was worst out of the franchise and I don’t think i will watch anymore of this series… Mission Impossible: Fallout was the best….

    I don’t know how admin can be so sure than Aamir’s NOC is not needed for the film. Admin, do you work for YRF?

    • lol says:

      Because no matter how big the star, this is YRF we’re talking about. No way in hell does Adi Chopra follow the diktat of some star by putting himself in such a position. He rather share the profits, change the casting etc than allow for such a stupid clause to remain.

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