2018 – August – Bollywood Blind Item 2

The first blind item for today is not really about Bollywood, but close. It’s just an interesting blind item that it was too good to let go and not share. From Mumbai Mirror, this blind item probably explains why these young kids have their social media accounts set to public and not private. Companies are smart these days as they have figured out a way to reach their youngsters and to them, it’s by using these Instagram stars as their brand ambassadors. It can’t really be a brand ambassador type of thing, it’s a more of product placement sort of thing.

The thing is, social media is free and so is viewing these rich kids’ accounts. By that, since they are young adults, their fan base or following will also consist of people who are either teenagers or young adults. Do these people have the money to buy these expensive products that these kids are showing off on their social media accounts? It’s just a thought because we have never felt the need to go out and get something that a celebrity is advertising unless it’s food.

Like that winking girl from the South, she got herself some pretty nice deals when she was trending on social media. The deals were mostly affordable ones that her audience can afford to buy. But to have a luxury brand watch invest in these young kids is quite something. None of them is the Kardashian level famous in India, thank goodness for that! Speaking of the Kardashian level of famous in India, how about roping in the Kapoors? Good idea, right?

Anyways, apparently all these kids got was a brand new watch and all they had to do was share a professional shot of them wearing the watch on Instagram. Pretty sweet deal! Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.

Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - August - Bollywood Blind Item 2

A SWISS luxury watchmaker has found an innovative way to attract eyeballs in the Indian market. It is aimed at a younger audience, one that seems to have given up their watches for smartphones. The watch company has roped in young and hip children of various industrialists with a big social media following and has turned them into models. While the young ones are given a little memento, the watch brand makes itself be seen on the wrists of the right crowd. Quite a coup, if you ask us.

OSOP Guess

Watchmaker: Omega

2018 - August - Bollywood Blind Item 2

2018 - August - Bollywood Blind Item 2

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  1. leaps says:

    its a common thing in the west where rich kids are given high end free goodies to promote . finally admin agree ryan should contact the kapoor clan for keeping up with kapoors bebo, saif, rk,alia, neetu, rishi , bhatts

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