2018 – April – Bollywood Blind Item 9

The blind item below sounds a bit fishy, to begin with. First of all, nothing like that happened. What happened was, this director was looking around for the perfect project to launch this star kid, who is the step-daughter of his close friend. This star kid’s parents are both from Bollywood, but they don’t have much power – depending on who you ask. So, the director was waiting around for the right project for this girl and the wait was taking too long for her. The parents of this girl didn’t realise that the production house of this director doesn’t really have that much money to launch anyone they want. The production house would obviously want to be careful and make sure that they spend their money on a film that will make them get back their money.

They sent out feelers to the media about their upcoming projects, supposedly upcoming, to see the reaction to it. They had her signed opposite a top star, who was twice older than her, but the star demanded so much money that the director almost had a fashion heart attack (he saw a future where he couldn’t wear new clothes and shoes in public every day). So, the girl waited some more time before she and her mother decided that it’s high time that they start looking elsewhere. They did get a great offer from this director and production house. Everything was fine until this director had a public fallout with the producer of the film and the shooting had to be halted. It’s been almost two months now and nothing new has happened.

So, this girl waited again until she couldn’t take it anymore and started to look elsewhere for opportunities. The father is very close to the fashionable director, put in a good word on how his daughter’s first steps as an actress was going nowhere. Since the director was already producing a movie with a top star in it, he spoke to the director of that film and they both agreed to hire this star kid. The first poster of their collaboration was released two weeks back. As of now, shooting has not begun yet. Let’s all wait and see what happens next.

The blind item below is by PinkVilla and like we mentioned above, we are sure things didn’t happen in the order that they mentioned it. At least, no crocodile tears were shed! If there were tears, it was most likely tigress tears because of the reputation that the mother of this star kid has.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - April - Bollywood Blind Item 9



Newbie bags a big film with an A-list star after her mom mends ways with an influential director

It is very easy to make and break equations in Bollywood. Nothing is permanent in this industry. Neither the relationships nor the fights. Friends can turn foes within minutes and vice versa. This incident from the tinsel town is a testament to this statement. Almost a year back, this actress mother was in talks with an influential director for a film that would mark the debut of her daughter in this big world of Bollywood. Not only the mother but also the father of this young girl was speaking to the director and things looked sorted for the family. The lady even made a few public appearances with the director at a few social events, and the paparazzi too spotted her, making it obvious that the girl was making the right splash.

However, things turned slightly bitter when the film with which the young girl’s launch was being planned wasn’t seeing the light of the day. Though the planned film with an A-lister did not happen, the girl was cast opposite another young actor in a much-talked-about movie, under the same production house. Obviously, this didn’t go down well with the mother, a yesteryear actress. The woman in question expressed her displeasure to the head honcho and suggested to cast a better hero in the movie which would mark the debut of her daughter. Given the production house had already cast the actor, they didn’t budge, leaving the darling mommy furious. She then decided to take matters into her own hands and informed the production house that the young girl would no longer be under the director’s shelter.

Mommy dearest with the help of another producer friend of hers got a new movie for the little girl, work on which became the talk of the town. Naturally, the mother was beaming with joy and on occasions also made it a point to taunt the influential director for losing out on working with the young girl. Things were going fine until debutante’s film got embroiled in a controversy. On sensing trouble for the teenage girl, the mother decided to keep aside her ego and mend things with this big director-producer with whom she had a tussle in the past. She went and shed some tears (read crocodile tears) and requested the director to do something about the young girl’s career. The young lady’s father, who is also on good terms with the filmmaker, spoke to him and requested him to take charge of his daughter’s career. Naturally, the director agreed.

He then immediately spoke to another director friend of his, who was on a hunt for a leading lady for his much talked about the project with an enthusiastic actor, known for his versatility and bubbling energy. Needless to say, the debutante bagged the big role! Now whether this film will mark her debut or the one embroiled in controversies will be her stepping stone in Bollywood is something that we will have to wait and watch!

But isn’t this indeed interesting?!


OSOP Guesses

Young Girl: Sara Ali Khan

Mom: Amrita Singh

Director: Karan Johar

Film: Simbaa

Actor: Ranveer Singh

2018 - April - Bollywood Blind Item 9


2018 - April - Bollywood Blind Item 9


2018 - April - Bollywood Blind Item 9

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22 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    Ranveer shouldnt do any movies with these nepo kids. He should stick with Deepika. These nepo kids is just going to bring him down, he is way above them. They will use his popularity to become a somebody that they clearly aint. And yes, something is totally off with Sara, she carries a vibes that just because her parents are known that she is already a big star…bollywood is gradually falling and sorry to say and yes they are my idols, but is only ranveer and deepika holding it up right now. PS thanks for the downvotes in advance you RSDP haters peace

  2. Monalisa says:

    This blind must be written by Kjo. Look at the way Ranveer is described. An “enthusiastic actor, known for his versatility and bubbling energy”. Ofcourse Ranveer is just an enthusisastic actor infront of the super-duper mega star and A-lister Ranbir. Ranveer is only known for his versatality and for his bubbling energy unlike Ranbir who is known for his exceptional talent versatility, bankability, star power, major box office success, popularity, good looks,

    If a blind is written about his precious flop, unbankable Ranbir, he is described as A-lister/star/ super star/ mega star in the making who is going through a rough patch/ had some flops recently but still bankable,popular etc.. Double standard much Kjo!!

  3. Samantha says:

    “Fashion Heart Attack” lollllllllll… sums up the most superficial KJo

  4. Shivanisd says:

    Admin if kjo doesn’t have money then, who finances his production house’s, movies?? Also i, thought badrinath had already started shooting in the hills. How can the movie be shelved now.

  5. Rad says:

    I feel there is something off with Sara Ali Khan. She is pretty enuf but when she smiles showing teeth she kinda looks like a vamp. IMO of course

    • Pooja says:

      I agree same time her face look so weird n papaya like.

    • Venus says:

      Agree. I think shes very ordinary looking like Jahnavi kapoor. There are so many beautiful new girls in bollywood, like banita sandu, sobhita dhulipala, pooja hegde, kiara advani, disha patani etc, i just dont get why these girls are not promoted by the media like sara and jahnvi. All the media wants to do is follow these two around. Ita not possible that all of the media are paid to do so, maybe only some of them. Even the media is nepotistic like bollywood film families.

      • Rekha Rai says:

        Agree, if it was just about looks then Esha Gupta would be one of the top actresses today opposite Deepika Padukone. Sadly because Esha never had a famous boyfriend and was a little “too sexy” for the public’s liking who prefer their women to be more demure in real life and a siren on screen, we are stuck with the likes of Jahnvi and Sara. Jahnvi at least has some appeal, whereas Sara is just here because she has fair skin. There are girls like Banita Sandhu, Disha, Kiara, Kriti, Tris Dhaliwal, Chillar, etc

        • Shivanisd says:

          Kiara is not beautiful. Also esha is super hot but can only do sexy roles. Not to mention Indias obsession with fair skin and yes her non nepo background and bindaas attitude affected her success. DP is dusky but shes a great actress and can play a demure Padmavati as well as bar dancer mohini or liberated party girl Veronica. That’s why shes number one.

      • Shivanisd says:

        Kiara advani is not at all beautiful. When i saw her in Dhoni I was like how has this girl got this role?? Probably bcuz her dad is a producer. Nothing but a nepo kid. The girl in fault in our stars remake is really pretty. She was also in Rockstar.

        • Venus says:

          I find Kiara very pretty. to each his own. Kiara Disha Pooja Sobhita all are beautiful, much more than Sara and Jahnavi.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Her teeth make her look like a horse. If i have to compare, amritas mother rukhsana was the prettiest, then amrita and then sara.

    • Nam3less says:

      I agree. To me even Disha falls in this category. Some angles she looks pretty and in some cases she looks very ordinary. Not like Banita who looks nice in totality. Kiara is pretty too.

      • Monalisa says:

        Banita Sandhu is pretty. And even from the trailer I can tell she got great screen prsence. If she is a good actress she got a lot of scope to beat these below average looking nepos.
        Regarding Sara, I have a feeling Sara’s decision to join bollywood have a lot do with her mommy. I’m not saying her mommy is the sole reason but she might have adviced her about the easy money, fame, lifestyle. I remember how Saif and Bebo used to brag about Sara going to uni and how intelligent she is. He never talked about Sara’s aspiration to join bollywood after graduation. Unlike SRK who always said that Suhana wanted to be an actress but he told her she can only join bollywood after she finished university/college.

        • Shivanisd says:

          Saif is a completely fake person. His ‘eugenics’ response to the nepotism debate was pathetic!! Good that all his movies are flopping for the last 4 years. Arrogant fool.

          • Rad says:

            Saif is an empty head who likes to pretend like he is brainy. He just throws in one or two big words here and there and acts like he’s made a great point. Not that anyone is fooled though. So I would not be surprised at all if outwardly he praised Sara’s intelligence and secretly advised her to take the easy way out.

          • Helen says:

            Loved it! So less words but so much details, kudos to you.

  6. Amanda says:

    Admin, why is prerna arora always fighting with co producers…. First, she had a fallout with Abhishek kapoor and now it is John Abraham… Has kriarj become like dharma productions wherein they can’t produce a complete film? Parmanu is hanging in the air…

  7. Rashmi says:

    very strange blind. If Ranweer originally claimed so much money, why did Sarah return to this project as a result?

    • Pooja says:

      No add talking about hritik n Sarah which was shelved bcz he demand huge money from dharma.that shetty film kjo help to Sarah to get that project.

      • Rashmi says:

        Thank you dear Pooja. I did not even hear about the project with Hrithik, do you remember what it was?

        • Pooja says:

          Yes their was news n few month back news that for super30 hritik want Sarah but bcz of her contact will krijat she can’t sign any film till kedarnath release but look like kedarnath already shelved prerna allow Sarah to sign rohit shetty film.

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