2018 – April – Blind Item

The other blind item for today is about this actress, who just left India. We knew blind items about her will be out the minute she left and true enough, Filmfare is the first one to give you an update on the situation. As it is, the actress came back for a short while and went back to the other side of the world where she is currently busy working. The fact that she is now vying for this role shows that perhaps she didn’t get enough scripts to look at.

She was supposed to do two biopics, but left both of these films. So now, she has her eye on this superstar’s upcoming film. Since being ousted from one of the most important camps in Bollywood, which is the Kiss-A$$ camp, she was forced to patch up with the other superstar. Coincidentally, this superstar and this actress did not get along from the moment they did their first film together. See, the superstar was expecting some returning favours on their outdoor shoot, but this actress shut him down. She further refused his home production, a film that was produced by his brother.

As you know, when this superstar tries to be human with you, you should never turn him down or he will turn into a beast. No, we are just joking. He was really mad at her for these reasons. But they have patched up since and the actress uses the sister of this superstar to make him do things for her, such as promote her song on Twitter and all that. As for this moment, it has been rumoured that the film will not star this actress but the superstar’s ex who has the upper hand in every film project of his. This film is also directed by the ex’s good friend, who directed her in his first film.

Now, it remains to be seen whether the sister will be able to make the superstar change his mind. Let’s just all wait and see what happens. After that big and expensive birthday party for her 2-year old son, she probably has to wait some time before asking her brother for another favour! In the meantime, check out the blind item from Filmfare below.


Bollywood Blind Item

2018 - April - Blind Item


Smart moves! This famous actress is trying her best to grab a project with this huge superstar

This popular actress, who’s been around for more than a decade now, is keen to keep her career going strong. So, when she heard this superstar was doing a mega project, she sent across feelers to both the actor and the producer.

She believes the film is right up her alley. Recently, it’s said, she rejected two big films. Now, she doesn’t want to waste any more time and is keen to sign on the dotted line.


OSOP Guesses

Popular Actress: Priyanka Chopra

Superstar: Salman Khan

Film: Bharat

2018 - April - Blind Item


2018 - April - Blind Item

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33 Responses

  1. Kiran101 says:

    The real punishment is that this man has no peace…He may have harem of women, men and even family and bunch of C lister’s backing fanning the fumes of his ego.

    But they all are moochers…they have a invisible gun over his head. Looks like he knows it and allows himself to live in the glory of his fake f’s (followers/friends and family). its like his all hardwork is for all these moochers and his money is open tijori.

    Its an irony how all these women use his body (this guy literally at this age is breaking his body for movies) to serve their purpose.
    Not to forget the lawyers, courts etc etc he has to pay.

    Somi ali was innocent teenager. Aishwarya had many reasons to walk away from this guy and not just because he is an abuser. Even if he did not abuse her there is no way she would have stayed with him.

    That spark and attraction for her faded pretty quickly.I never believed she was in it for long haul.

  2. Shivanisd says:

    If salman was married Homebreaker pc would have had an affair with him in a heartbeat.. Since she loves married heries only. Lol. Is she so desperate for success that she will leave quantico for a salman movie.. Where she will have a two minute role and one item number?? Ppl who call kat user… What is pc then??

  3. Ananya says:

    Wow really he asked for favours from PC too? But didn’t they work in more than one film?

    So did he try these tricks with Anushka too? I thought PC and Anu are two women who got away without being pounced by him.

  4. Ankita S says:

    Quantico is over, season 3 will be the last one so what is Priyanka Chopra quitting? She is not getting any offers in Hollywood except some supporting roles so maybe that’s why she wants to come back to Bollywood.

    As for Katrina getting the role I’m not sure about it. But she has Salman Khan’s support and also the director Ali Abbas Zafar is her friend. So it could work in her favor.

    But I read somewhere that Bharat has two heroines and one will be from the younger lot. Even read that Shraddha Kapoor might be cast as one of them.

  5. Shanaya says:

    So srk and kat pr ganging up against PC. Honestly she should not do this movie at her stage in career. Should do the kalpana Chawla biopic instead. Kat can be a prop in movies not PC.

  6. Amanda says:

    Now there is a post on PV denying katrina in bharat… Not sure who will finally land the role

    • Monalisa says:

      Kat’s pr is known to release news attaching her name to movies and later denying the news. This is not the first time.

  7. Universal says:

    Seems countless red-carpet appearances and talk shows didn’t help PC make a career in the West. It’s back to the basics now. Hope she hasn’t spent too much money in the process.

  8. lince says:

    her career is not going anywhere in hollywood.quantico is losing ratings rapidly.as per few US tabloids [allegedly] she isnt popular with her costars and crew on account of her tantrums

  9. Amanda says:

    I dont think PC will get this role… Kat always holds an upper hand in Salman’s movies… Salman will get Kat or someone from his harem to do the role…

    I just hope PC lands a good role in some other movie…Its been long she is searching for some good scripts and nothing is falling in place…

    Salman doesn’t get along with actresses who are closer to SRK. Juhi,Kajol and PC are few of them…. Juhi complained once that Salman never bothered to act opposite her… Juhi and SRK were good friends and business partners since long… Kajol was a good friend of SRK too…

    • NewGirl says:

      I dont think its SRK specific. Salman just can’t handle people especially women who do not dance to his tunes.

      Didnt he order Kat to change into another outfit while filming Ek Tha Tiger song?

      • Amanda says:

        Kat also first didnt listen to Salman’s every orders…. She used to piss Salman sometimes,but Salman has a soft corner for her for reasons best known to him….. Kat did JTHJ with SRK while she was still with him… Some other actresses wouldn’t have got away with it……

        • NewGirl says:

          yea, she may/may not. But i cant imagine Priyanka, Juhi. Kajol putting up with that kind of behaviour.

          Sallu has a soft spot for all of his exes. He’s on good terms with Sangeeta, Somy Ali, Kat etc. He’s the ideal ex. lol

        • Rashmi says:

          during JTHJ Katrina was no longer with Salman as far as I know. She and Ranbir started relationships on the set of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. which came out much earlier

      • Shivanisd says:

        Yes he did. He thought the top she was wearing was too revealing. Mashallah song.

  10. Sara says:

    With all the money and fame why cant an actress like her put together a good movie with out the khans. One needs to run after good writers, and editors to make a good movie. Form a Brand new team.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Bcuz pc is all mouth. Keeps harping on about women empowerment but in reality begs actors for movie roles. And has absolutely no problems having affairs with married men. Is this really empowerment?? Being a 2 bit wh*re.

  11. Hmmm says:

    On pinkvilla Kat’s PR saying she has landed the role! Priyanka is annoying but atleast she can act. Katrina still yet to give one memorable performance

  12. Trinity says:

    How can they cast this wooden actress Kat for a role that needs solid acting? It is an insult to the original Korean movie that starred Hwang Jung Min and powerhouse actors when compared to the silly casting that they are doing in Bollywood. Not one movie of Kat has good acting let alone one where you need to show range of emotions. I will stick with the original ode to my father. Thanks.

    • Trinity says:

      yay ! i heard PC has been finalized ..this is much bigger improvement compared to the wooden Kat. I was so personally invested in this since i did not want the Bollywood version to suck in front of the korean counterpart. I know anyways they will make it bad but atleast not super bad in terms of acting.

  13. goldengirl says:

    Kat and her PR spreading lie that she has been finalized for this movie. Desperate kat trying really hard for this movie. she thinks she has a birthright to work with him only. That woman using her PR against PC. I want PC to do this movie and more BW movies. She is talented. Love her.

    • Rashmi says:

      LOL is certainly a goldgirl in her delirium. all the blind about Hrithik are spread Kangana, all blind against Priyanka the spread SRK or Katrina. what soap bubble fanatics

      • Goldengirl says:

        And you are back. Stalker fans think all the blinds about kangana are spread by hrithik. They have paid everyone. Kangana fans are so obsessed with Greek god hrithik just like kangana. What an obsessed stalker fanatics. Kangana and bots only know how to fight and make everything about her and hrithik. Get over with your obsession with hrithik. Even your lawyer is a criminal and has 5 cases against him.

    • Humpty Dumpty says:

      Katrina has 3x the movies as compared to Priyanka why would she even care

      • Goldengirl says:

        She still wants more. She is jealous of PC. And all those 3 movies are given to her by her EX. What’s her worth without Salman?

        • Shivanisd says:

          Whats pcs worth without salman?? Why is she begging him for a role? Does she have no dignity or ego? Or are u only critical of white women and not brown ones? Americas superstar my foot. a brothel was running in her Mumbai home.

  14. NewGirl says:

    Ugh! Salman only gets along with the Jacky/Daisy/Kat. Basically the ones in his harem.

    He has a problem with PC. He didnt get along with Kajol or Juhi in the 90s. Kajol and Salman werent on talking terms filming KKHH. Aishwarya, ofcourse. (i love how she has stuck to her guns and not worked with the Khans since. )

    What a tool.

    • Shivanisd says:

      But he and kajol are great friends now. What changed?? He was so openly partial to tanisha when she was on bigg boss season 7.

  15. Rashmi says:

    I have a question. why when the admin writes my favorite foreword about Salman, like he turns into a beast, the admin always adds that this is a joke, although this is not a joke? and why does this happen only in relation to Bhai?

  16. leap says:

    yup I dont see pc winning over kat for a role with salman.

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