2018 – April – Blind Item 2

The other blind item for today comes from SKJ and it’s about an incident involving this talented actor that happened last week. At first, we thought this was about Raymond because he mysteriously became sick right before he was supposed to headline a fashion show. Everyone thought he had something serious until his mom said that there was nothing wrong with him! So this blind item is not about Raymond, but about this actor who was supposed to perform at a sports show but cancelled due to an injury. It was a last minute thing and soon after he cancelled, lots of people started wondering whether this has anything to do with how much the other young actor was getting for his performance.

First off, we don’t know why actors think it’s fashionable to just throw around how much they are getting paid. We don’t know why they enjoy showing off that they are getting a lot of money or have become the highest paid. Where we come from, we are advised to never share how much we earn with others because we might get buri nazar or evil eyes! Always downplay how much you earn when aunties are curious about it.

Anyways, we don’t know how much of the below said is true because the injury seems to be real compared to what is being said in the blind item. We have looked around and the sling was on the whole time so don’t know what SKJ is talking about. Maybe this actor pissed him off or something hence the anger. Check it out and decide whether it’s true or not.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – April 2018 - Bollywood 2


No injury yet NO SHOW? This young HOT SUPERSTAR actor’s PR game backfires badly!

An apt example to how damaging incorrect PR can be for an actor is the recent plight of a young, extremely talented actor, post the grand telecast of a sports event.

The actor has been riding high on the huge wave of success, and applause for his negative portrayal, post his last release which ran into controversy before release. The young star made headlines with the announcement of his performance at a major sports event. Known to be the live wire that he is who comes up with unusual acts, the actor’s performance was widely anticipated. There was a lot of publicity done around his act and everything was hunky dory till then. But the actor suddenly backed out from his act, with his spokesperson, citing a last minute health concern. Buzz was that he was miffed about his contemporary, an actor who had given back-to-back hits, getting a higher fee than he was. Not just this – the star made sure that another actress who was handled by his talent management company had to back out too from the event (she was replaced by an actress who has made a name for herself in the south) at the last minute again. Naturally his agency had no choice as he is the biggest star among all the talents handled by them.

The organizers of the sports event, in a soup, turned to a superstar who is known for his dancing skills and his sizzling on stage performances. The superstar obliged for the last minute call to action and took to the stage delivering one of the most memorable performances of the night. The actor not only walked away with all the praises and accolades in the stadium, but also had social media applauding his electrifying performance and leaving the ‘injured’ actor grinding his teeth in helpless anger.

Interestingly, instead of acknowledging the gracious move by the dancing star, in order to make headlines, the younger actor’s publicity managers tried pitting them against each other. His publicist kept calling everyone and telling them how the dashing superstar with the dancing skills was a replacement at the event only because the younger star was injured. Yet the ‘injury’ seemed hardly in sight as he kept shooting for his film and was spotted at public events (or even traveling). They need to accept that it was extremely magnanimous of the older star to have stepped in to save the day and it was ungracious and juvenile of the younger star’s publicity managers to pull down the dancing star. Earlier too, they tried to do the same when stories and rumors were spun about tension him and another senior co-actor the historical film they did.

Well, gone are the days when an actor gains from being pitted against another – especially with a superstar. It is time they learned the big game and play on facts and strengths of an actor other than working on negative stories. We hope the younger star’s PR team camp focuses on their star doing good work and delivering big numbers in a solo hero film rather than spinning out stories of injuries which raise question marks or pulling down other actors.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Ranveer Singh

Contemporary Actor: Varun Dhawan

Superstar: Hrithik Roshan

Actress: Parineeti Chopra

Blind Item – April 2018 - Bollywood 2

Blind Item – April 2018 - Bollywood 2


Blind Item – April 2018 - Bollywood 2


Blind Item – April 2018 - Bollywood 2

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31 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Not entirely sure if this is true or part of hitjobs coming Ranveer’s way after getting huge success lately.
    Anyway, amidst all this, whats the fault of poor parineeti? She lost out on a great chance to become a part of public discussion once again

  2. Champak Bhoomia says:

    Heh, doesn’t matter who performed and who didn’t, the IPL opening ceremony was lame. Varun and Prabhu Deva gave it a good start, but Tamannaah’s performance kinda killed the momentum, followed by Mika lip-syncing to his biggest hits. Hrithik tried to salvage things, but sadly the dude just doesn’t have the energy of the old days in him.

    • naughtytrini says:

      I actually looked at Hrithik vid yesterday and I thought he did a great job. He seems so flawless but really after reading your comment I am now really seeing a more energetic Hrithik before, one that I didnt see in that vid yesterday…but he sure still looked damn hot and I still swoon for him. Havent seen Tiger Shroff dance as yet, havent seen his movies but I doubt he could be like Hrithik but I guess I have to see before I really compare.

  3. sharuna says:

    SKJ was highly promoting Sameer Dattani, but what happened now. I hope he will start promoting Kartik Aryaan soon lol. He would have promoted sonu nigam too had he given him bhaabh.

  4. Samantha says:

    Subhash K Jha is a Gay (no one’s judging, YET!) who in order to publish rave reviews abt Actors, needs special favors! Reminded of Sonu Nigam/ Subhash K Jha episode where Sonu said SKJ wants to molest him! Plus, remember, how newspapers were flooded wt a one Sammeer Dattani articles in TOI couple years ago (who might have agreed to reciprocate to SKJ’s asks)..

    Knowing the brief history of SKJ, we wont be surprised if he comes on harshly on Ranveer (since he is not a product of nepotism n who wont, at this stage of his career, return SKJ favors) rather than nepotism kids like VD, Ranbir etc etc..

  5. Z says:

    Admin, look at the first two photos here: https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/photos/ranveer-singh-wins-prestigious-award-alia-bhatt-visits-manish-malhotra-s-residence-404942. The sling was NOT on.

    Ranbir had a malaria scare, it wasn’t typhoid.

    • Mo.nalisa says:

      He was dancing malhari steps. There are pics of him on the sets while shooting not wearing the sling as well. When required he does remove it just like Alia.

    • Amanda says:

      @Z says,that’s what is fishy about this whole injury thing… I am not convinced with this injury during IPL ,though the previous RS’s injuries were 100% true….

  6. Amanda says:

    I am inclined to believe SKJ.. All the articles that I have read in gossip sites are in the same sequence as stated in the blind.
    First,RS’s pr releases reports that how much RS is being paid and he is topmost paid performer
    Second,after a few days,there are reports that VD is paid more than anyone for IPL ceremony
    Third,immediately RS’s team says he is injured and won’t perform..
    Fourth,RS is spotted without bandage for a day or two
    Fifth,when doubts about RS’s injury started making round,his pr team starts posting his pics in bandage with high frequency… It looks like the appearances were planned … RS was not usually spotted during gym,but now the headlines include the word “Injured” in every posts….

    I think Parineeti would have loved to perform in IPL,considering the moolah and exposure it provides… Her past movies haven’t done well and IPL ceremony would have given a boost to media presence….. She being held back by YRF for ego issues is unfair to her….
    I think success has entered Ranveer’s head and at this point in his career,ego issues matter more than money…. SKJ always writes fondly about RS and DP,I don’t see any reason he would put a fake blind….. BTW,SKJ is promoting Karthik Aryan more than any nepokids… And recently he has heavily criticized Harvardhan Kapoor and Sooraj Pancholi for their conduct….

    Anyways,I enjoyed Hrithik’s performance..Even at his age he can give tough competition to young stars…

    • Mo.nalisa says:

      I have seen every pic of RS after the injury, in public he always wore the sling. During shooting of Gully boy both Alia and Ranveer are seen without the sling. Alia attends event not wearing the sling, no issue is made of it. Even Alia attends gym with the shoulder injury. Her trainer even posted pics of Alia exercising saying that despite a shoulder injury you can work out or something.

      Skj was the one who was saying RSDP brokeup and are only acting like a couple because of padamaavat. But this year February he tweeted that RS and DP are most likely getting married this year. He maybe close to SLB but he certainly is not close to DP and RS to know them personally. I remember there were a lot of negative articles written by him about both RS and Dp during Ramleela time.SkJ lost his credibilty to me when he tweeted saying that he can’t write a book on Ab because there is nothing negative to write about him..

      Rs’s team should not have leaked the amount he was paid I agree, but I don’t think he is faking an injury. Some people are saying the same thing about DP’s back injury. She is faking an injury because she got no movies because she is seen attending events.

    • pooja says:

      @amanda ….. Nope these day’s Skj is promoting alia,varun and ishan kattar. Check out his article on ishaan kattar -calling him the next big thing in bollywood.

      Actually Skj is quite biased . The thing with this guy is that – he writes genuine articles about other’s ,but he becomes more biased with those people who he either “ likes too much “ or “hates too much”.

      Skj dosen’t like Ranbo—because of ranbo’s tiff with slb. You can see skj is a bit biased towards ranbo. Skj is also known to be too fond of amitabh bachan ,the same amitabh who’s known to molest women. But look at the way Skj praises amitabh- as if amitabh is a pure soul.

      And why all of a sudden Skj felt the need to write a blind on Rs, cause he very rarely writes blind’s. And there are much more interesting gossip to write a blinds on.

      One has to agree to the fact that –ranveer does pr, but can you blame that guy, he literally had to struggle to crawl to the top, while nepokid’s like varun get all the good scripts and funding for the movies. Look at ranbo getting funding for Brahmastra even-though his movie track record is bad.

      Rs values money and know’s the importance of it. Rs performed at a wedding like srk does , since they offered him good money. Do you think he is egoistical enough to decline all the amount of publicity ( since his act was final act at IPL-major part of the event) + cool 5 cr ,due to his ego issues.

    • Rashmi says:

      guys who is Skj? I first read about it. I know the KRK, he loves everyone trolling, but he’s a famous clown. I used to find it funny, but then completely disappointed

    • Mo.nalisa says:

      @pooja SKJ is very biased towrds Varun. He tweeted that Varun should win all the best actor awards for October and RS should win best negative actor award for padmavati. Rani should win best actress award for Hichki but he knows instead they will give the best actress award to DP. Is this something a person who like RS and DP will write about them. How biased is he, even before October release and even before watching the movie he knows Varun should win the best actor award. Also calling Varun the best actor in this gen, saying after Sharmila-Rajesh Banita-Varun’s chemistry is the best. (Dude let this movie release before all the praise).
      There was a blind about Varun being jealous of Tiger’s success, he can be jealous of RS too. As you said, he is very biased.

  7. Pav says:

    I think the nepo gang is burning after padmavat success. I can picture auty KJo talking all the crap about RS( and DP too) with his superstar RK and his pi*p Ayan. Varun wasn’t really good in IPL opening ceremony. But Hritik was awesome as usual. I really wish they had RS and Hritik instead of others

  8. pooja says:

    @admin …. Check out Skj’s tweets on twitter , he’s calling Alia the best actress since Sridevi -after watching raazi trailer. Like really dude, then what about vidya, kangana, Pc, Dp and parineeti. Now after reading more of his tweets , i’m sure he’s pretty pissed off with Rs and DP.

    Alia is literally given on platter all the best scripts that are available in the industry. If Kjo wasn’t guiding her and recommending her to directors like he did for Highway and Dear Zindagi, Alia would have ended up doing movies like Shandaar. A sorry state Bollywood is currently in.

  9. goldengirl says:

    I didn’t read anything of that sort. so I find this blind fake. I am not a RS fan. Cant stand him at all but feel he is a nice guy and wont spread such rumors about anyone specially Hrithik coz she idolize him. Admin is this true? plz tell

    • Mo.nalisa says:

      I agree. There is no news of RS saying anything negative about Hrithik performing. Should not have blamed Hr pr in my previous comment as there is no negative article about RS from HR’s side as well. I just checked.. Most probably a fake blind as you said. SkJ is fond of Varun it seems. Maybe it is from Varun’s side.

  10. Mo.nalisa says:

    When DP reached her peak in 2013, the nepo gang and insiders were saying the same thing about her and spreading rumours. She got over-enthusiastic pr and she is a pr made star, her pr try to bring others down, her pr hound directors to get her movies, etc.. People like RS and DP got not mother,father, uncle, brother, Kjo to promote them like these star kids/nepo kids got. So they have to use their pr to promote themselves. There is no harm in it.
    Now I’m sure RS had made it to the top. They are feeling threatened by him. That is why these people are trying to bring him down and malign him just like the way they did to DP. Talking about their prs. How original bollywood bigwigs/nepo gang/star kids. They are using the same allegations they used to malign DP to malign RS.

    • Mo.nalisa says:

      @admin Why can’t I edit comments in this format? I have to edit some typos.lol

      *Now I’m sure RS made it to the top. 

  11. Mo.nalisa says:

    Alia is also shooting for Gully boy , despite her shoulder injury. She is also seen shooting without wearing the sling. She even attended events without wearing the sling like gq awards. Does that mean she is also faking an injury as SKJ claim RS is. This sound pure bs to me.

    This sound like HR pr. Hrithik was the replacement for RS. If RS didnot drop out at the last minute, Hrithik would not have been roped in. Why should Rs be gracious and thank HR. He is getting paid by the organizers to perform right. Even Pari dropped out of performing at IPL at the last minute. Maybe YRF talent management was not happy with what their actors got paid.
    Imo RS should get paind more than Varun as he is more popular at the moment.

    • goldengirl says:

      Please its not a HR PR. He is not that shallow . Stop blaming. This SKJ is well known of spreading lies. He has issues with RS .

  12. naughtytrini says:

    Hahaha another fake blind to bring down Ranveer…jeez Padmavat sure is bringing out the jealousies in everyone. Oh gosh give the people a break! Everyone gets their chance to shine whether in the positive or negative, give them their due. DPRS worked really hard to get where they are now, stop being so insecure. There will be lots and lots more of these fake news to come out to try and tarnish the superstar image of DPRS. I hope they dont go to Sonam wedding too. That crazy senile woman who posted her pussy letter will be there and I bet she and her team of gossipmongers headed by Kareena will make them feel really uncomfortable.

    • tina says:

      Why would they even be invited to Sonam’s wedding? I’m sure they won’t be.

    • naughtytrini says:

      Isnt Ranveer somehow related to Sonam? so I guess he would be invited and if the invitation says and a guest, who you think he will carry even if Sonam dont really want her there? rofl bachannal lol

    • Mo.nalisa says:

      Last year Deepika attended Sonam’s diwali bash and was seen posing with Kareena, Karisma,Varun..etc..

      Showoff Sonam is going to invite everyone to her wedding.. She got to showoff her classy,refined taste to everyone. IKAUNIC wedding indeed!! Rofl
      Also the gossip gang Kjo,RK, Kareena is invited. I bet we would get some juicy gossip like the blind about Virat getting angry when a Anu-RS song was played at the reception.

    • naughtytrini says:

      I could already envision the plotting going on and the numerous draft blinds already being constructed of what happened in the wedding, that havent even taken place yet lol If I was a somebody in bollywood that is one wedding I wasnt going to attend but then again if you dont attend, a blind might come out that you was doing some cosmetic surgery or something lol never a dull day with these actors.

  13. pooja says:

    Actually Skj does look pissed off with Rs . I follow him on twitter- and off late he’s praising the Nepo kid’s a lot….Skj was highly praising varun on his twitter and calling him best actor of this generation. Previously Skj used to highly talk about ranveer and used to write articles on him , now he’s doing that with varun. I guess Skj is pissed off with Ranveer.

    Anyway’s why would ranveer decline 5 crores deal just cause his ego is hurt. I guess ranveer should be careful with skj.

    • pooja says:

      Actually Skj is very close to Slb —- so Skj will usually be good or like someone who’s very close to his best friend Slb—– I but i guess now Ranveer either pissed of Slb or Skj, so guess this blind item. Ranveer be careful on how you deal with Slb and control you’r pr from leaking info on how much you’r paid . And this Skj is such a crybaby- writes nasty articles on people who he dosen’t like.

    • Sara says:

      What does skj stand for?

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