2017 – September – Blind Item

The blind item below is more gossip than anything else. It’s the old gossip that stars today still get involved in, the old “I am going to take it because I am a star” thing. This time, the story is about a leading actress, who has had a magazine cover recently. We have 3 options of leading ladies on the cover of a magazine and for some reason, we think it’s not the two mature ladies as if they were this way, some news would have come out about their behaviour. One is known for being very well-behaved and the other is a huge international star now, so what’s the point of her being this petty. It’s why we are going with the youngest one from the 3 of them. If you think it’s not her let us know your thoughts below. In the meantime, take a look at this blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

2017 - September - Blind Item


A well-known leading lady that graces a fashion magazine’s cover this month did give the glossy’s staff such a hard time. First, she huffed and puffed to agree for the cover shoot. Then she asked for a pair of designer shoes as a thankyou present. When the magazine informed her she would be required to travel for the shoot, with of course all expenses paid for by their team, the actor then asked for shoes from another designer, but this time she wanted three pairs. We can hardly blame the star though, high heels make us go weak-kneed too.


OSOP Guess

Leading Lady: Kangana Ranaut

2017 - September - Blind Item

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13 Responses

  1. Deepak says:

    Lagta hai meri kundli mein ‘VENUS’ ka dosh hai… hehehehehehehee….not gonna waste my time replying… I think SHE might be a bot…..

  2. nima says:

    hmmm,i think pc wouldn’t be bothering herself about this..it could be aish because poor her isn’t getting any films, and it could also be kangana as well.

  3. Ananya says:

    But can’t it be Kareena? She too had a cover after a long time and is often known for catty behaviour. I like her but this is something she’s famous for.

    Though it could be Kangana, I somehow feel it’s Kareena. Ash and PC can be demanding too considering their stage of career but then I feel it’s Kareena.

    Outdoor shoot is the only point why we will have to guess it’s Kangana.

  4. Just Curious says:

    Why can it not be Aishwarya or PC? Aishwarya has been written about being cheap in blind columns, so my question is why Kangana and not Aish?

  5. Deepak says:

    artists are a bit quirky…which Ash is not… so she makes up for it by being fake-nice and a B-bahu….and I don’t expect anything intelligent from her cuz what intelligent woman gets married to a tree?? PeeCee is self made.. I am not her fan but respect and admire her ambition…… I am very sure that when KR makes a demnad, people must be making a face cuz they are so used to stars being in a symbiotic (u write nice things about me, praise me and I will appear on your mag cover and some inside scoop) relationship with them.. KR doesn’t give a shit and doesn’t butter up people… does not mean she is a mean or bad person but she is not interested in making friends….KKK does her entire shopping with her producers money… bet nobody bats an eyelid then…..in fact the ones who make most money are the stingier ones…..even Mrs Funny-haddi doesn’t pay for her pastries…. but no one has come out to publicly accuse her… why??

    • Venus says:

      Kangana is known to be stingy.She even gets the production to order food and then parcels it to take it home. There is no need to diss others just because you are a fan of Kangana.
      I like kangana, but sometimes i feel Kangana fans fans are so blind,they dont want to hear any truth about her.
      Also FYI if aishwarya wasnt intelligent, she would not have been successful. All non star kids who are successful are so only because of their intelligence

      • Deepak says:

        Hi Venus, nowhere have i said that this isn’t Kangana….. please read my comments again….I said it is only when KR makes a demand that people have problems……I am not a blind fan of anybody…..and don’t get confused between intelligence and cunningness…… in what way is aishwary successful? because she makes a lot of money?? Sorry.. she has fans only because of her over-hyped looks…. her acting is outright embarrasing… SCREECH, SHOUT, SHOUT, SCREECH……Every line out of her mouth seems like a Miss World statement…..for me intelligent people are the ones who speak their mind.. like Abhay deol, Kalki, Konkona., Vidya….who are talented to boot…..

        • Venus says:

          Yes anyone who has made tons of money is definitely successful,. Say what u want about her “overhyped” looks, people find her beautiful still, cause at the end of the day beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.Also she has acted well in a lot on movies like hum dil de,,,,taal,raicoat,jodha etc .Infact i feel she was the best thing in ae dil hai mushkil.

          Its ok to be Kangana fan, but why do you have to diss everyone just because you like kangana

          • Deepak says:

            OK.. then count Ram-Rahim baba also as successful..he is richer than Ash and has also acted in films….. and beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, but in the film industry it also depends on your PR, tons of make up and contacts……Hum Dil Chuke was a lesson in hamming….watch that movie again and you will understand.. the only movie where she was good was Josh..she acted natural in it.. rest all were crappy…..She can’t do any genre…..Comedy, drama, grey shades (Sridevi is a master of them)..She is yet to make me cry or laugh with any role of hers…. all she does is play coy and bat her eyelids….people who understand acting know what I am talking about…. and I don’t diss everyone…. I love Manisha koirala, Tabu, Nutan, Smita Patil etc etc also a lot…. don’t twist my comment any which way you want… and please don’t be in a hurry to reply… read my comments, think rationally, and reply if you want after a few days…..

          • Venus says:

            Again, there is no need to bad mouth aishwarya because you want to defend kangana. many people like aishwarya, which is why she is successful in her field and still gets roles. Maybe you are some amazingly talented person who “understands acting”, but we normal people also have an opinion that counts. Just because you don’t like her acting doesn’t mean shes not talented and not successful.

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