2017 – September – Blind Item 3

It’s a bit confusing on what’s happening between these two stars. First, it was reported that they were together throughout the making of their film. Then, after the film came and went without much noise or money, it was reported that they have broken up. Now, it is being said that they are still together and want to work together again in the future. Why would they want that when their pairing wasn’t really successful? Well, it’s their life and career and if they want to ruin it, why should we interfere? Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror that was released last week.


Bollywood Blind Item

2017 - September - Blind Item 3

THIS young and much in love couple from the film industry has long been denying their love affair. It hardly matters, as they are always flirting with each other online, posting pictures of them together on film sets, and writing each other poems on their birthdays. We hear the female actor is so smitten by her onscreen (and off-screen) Romeo, she’s changed her routine to match his. She even signs films that he wants her to, and basically toes every line he draws for her. Not a good idea, we want to tell her, boyfriends will come and go, but your career will stay for longer.


OSOP Guess

Couple: Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon

2017 - September - Blind Item 3

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  1. R S says:

    You guys call SSR & Kirti Sanon stars??

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