2017 – October – Blind Item – Hollywood

The Hollywood blind item today is about something that happened involving the person, who is in the news currently. The situation happened years ago and it involved this young actress and a young actor. Now this can just be about any young actor and actress in Hollywood, but based on the picture we found online we think we got who this blind item is about.

What has happened and what has been coming out now are both so creepy. This explains why so many young girls loose their minds and do silly things in Hollywood. Check out the blind item below from Blind Gossip.


Hollywood Blind Item

2017 - October - Blind Item - Hollywood


Tougher Than Brad Pitt

If you thought the story of Brad Pitt coming to Gwyneth Paltrow’s defense when she was harassed by a Hollywood producer was interesting, you will definitely appreciate this blind item!

This young actor and actress costarred together on a project within the past ten years. They were in their late teens/early 20s at the time, attractive, and multi-talented. This project was the big break that propelled them both into the spotlight. Marketing them as a “couple” helped boost their popularity, and everybody wanted a piece of them.

Especially a certain producer.

He had his eye on the pretty young actress.

At the beginning of awards season, Actor and Actress met Producer. An official photo was taken of their introduction.

Shortly thereafter, Actor was told that Producer “seemed a little too interested” in the giggly and naive young Actress. Her worried team asked Actor to stay by her side at upcoming parties and to make sure that Actress was never alone with Producer. Actor took the warning seriously.

At one party, they got separated for a few minutes. Actor became concerned when he could not find Actress… and could not see Producer, either.

Actor found out from an assistant that the Producer was last seen heading towards a group of private rooms. Our now-panicked Actor ran down the hall and searched room by room.

He found one door locked. He could hear Actress inside, frightened and pleading with Producer to let her out!

Actor started banging on the door, demanding to be let in.

Actress begged Producer to open the door. “Please! My boyfriend is here! Please open the door!”

The Producer finally relented, and unlocked the door.

Actor burst into the room and grabbed Producer by the shirt. He shoved him up against the wall, yelling, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Leave her alone!”

Actor raised his fist to punch Producer, but the frightened Actress started screaming, “No! Just get me out of here!” Actor released his grip and allowed Actress to pull him away. The Producer told them that they could kiss both their careers goodbye. Actor pointed his finger at Producer and yelled, “Fuck you!” on his way out the door.

Actress was badly shaken by the event. She told Actor that Producer had said that he wanted to talk to her about a role, but once they were in the room, he told her that if she didn’t let him touch her, he would ruin her career. She is grateful that Actor saved her from “a close call.” Actor and Actress stayed away from Producer after that night.

The Producer did not manage to ruin their careers.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Zac Efron

Actress: Vanessa Hudgens

2017 - October - Blind Item - Hollywood

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