2017 – November – Blind Item

We just shared a blind item by Mid Day about two senior actors being petty about their comedy films and now we have two leading ladies being petty about their dresses or rather, their festive clothes. To be honest, this looks like a fake blind item that was created to praise someone, we won’t say who but you get the idea.

In reality, the only top actresses who genuinely care about what they wear, as in their fashion style, are these two actresses. One is a talented lady with no relations/family in Bollywood and the other is this actress who has always been known for her fashion sense and not that many brain cells and who is in Bollywood because of her family. This star kid was happily getting all the praises for her fashion style until the other actress decided to step up her game and invest in being a style icon for Bollywood.

The blind item below is from BollywoodLife and is about this star kid and another top actress that she has always hated. We’ll use the word “hate” because this star kid thinks that this actress has gotten everything that she could have had. You might call it envious and it’s normal for her to feel this way, as it happens when you watch someone you were on the same level with suddenly rise to the top while you are left behind on the plane fighting your own fight. It is a mistake for this top actress to hang out with people who don’t like her. Their bad energy or buri nazaar on her might just get her affected. Yes, we believe in that. Good energy is important for your sanity. Anyways, check out the blind item below from BL. If it makes any of these ladies feel better, you both looked really pretty for Diwali.


Bollywood Blind Item

2017 - November - Blind Item


This A-list actress blasts her designer after another top actress makes heads turn with her fashionable outfit!

Can you guess who are these two Bollywood actresses?

Women are often said to be hungry for compliments! And when there are two of them, waiting to be noticed and complimented for their attires, then it is bound to spark a conflict! Especially when they are actresses. An incident from a Diwali party that was held last month, proves our point. Two contemporary actresses – often pitted against each other – were under the same roof to ring in the festival of lights with their respective set of friends. The party high on dance, drinks and card games, so who wore what was certainly not the discussion that anyone was having, except the media.

But being judged on your outfit is the norm in Bollywood. So whenever guests bumped into this pretty actress, they would compliment her for her choice of attire for the day. While the young lady, known for her fashionable choices, was blushing and happily accepting compliments, another lead actress present at the party seemed to be getting jealous! She clearly wasn’t happy with the attention that the other lady was getting and was upset with all the cold looks that she got at the do!

Fuming over the entire situation, this A-list actress, we hear, blasted her designer for giving her a β€˜boring’ outfit for the night. A little birdie tells us that this leggy lass was upset with her designer and vented out her frustration the next day! Poor designer didn’t know how to react!

Though we feel bad for the designer in question, we are glad that this actress finally realised that she is messing up her costumes and it is high time that she works on her looks! We are sure that she doesn’t want to be known as a fashion blunder!

Meanwhile, we hear the other actress was all smiles for fishing the best compliments. But we aren’t surprised at all! She scores a complete ten on ten in fashion! How we wish she also scored brownie points as an actress too! Tch Tch!


OSOP Guesses

A-List Actress: Deepika Padukone

2017 - November - Blind Item

Young Lady: Sonam Kapoor

2017 - November - Blind Item

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16 Responses

  1. Lily says:

    It’s not Sonam coz she is not young. Deepika and Sonam made their debut on the same day. Seems like it’s Alia.

  2. nefarious says:

    @Admin’; Whats the deal with Neha dhupia? why is she at Kjo parties and other dos? shes been out of work for ages! How is she part of the Kjo camp? what favours does she do?

    • Pepeas says:

      I’ve been wondering the same thing, nefarious. (Love the handle, btw!) Maybe like a certain flop star son, she supplies goods and services?

    • Jyoti says:

      Neha has become friends with sophie choudhary who is part of karan-manish gang

  3. Shivanisd says:

    Both their dresses look awful!

    • Nimi says:

      Though I’d much rather Dp over all in terms of acting etc than Sonam. Neerja was an eye sore to watch because of her and she goes around saying she’s a NA winner when infact she only got a special mention. Nepo kid.

    • ghjk says:

      What this person said.

  4. Manisha says:

    In terms of style/fashion, I like Sonam’s over Deepika’s for the most part. At least in this case, Deepika’s style is a bit old fashioned looking instead of fresh and stylish. Her new stylist is trying too hard! Just my opinion I think her sari looks like curtain dolly fabric haha

  5. Pooja says:

    Sonam’s pr is active these days …..I guess it’s because she’s changed her pr team…And it’s getting on to sonam’s nerves that she’s loosing her Ms. Fashionista tag.

  6. Shivanisd says:

    There was actually a hashtag trending on twitter some time back asking dp to replace herstylist sheena nathani and go back to her original stylist anita dongre!

  7. naughtytrini says:

    This sounds like a blind written by Sonam PR because it seems like she didnt get enough attention and now want to sound like Deepika envies her. Deepika dont care 1 hoot about Sonam, Sonam is beneath her, she is no competition. Sonam needs to grow up.

  8. Rashmi says:

    admin please return those blind who were removed about Hrithik, I called what

  9. Rashmi says:

    Sonam always envied Deepika’s success and the Deep always envied the Sonam style (and not only Sonam, but also Kangana, I remember how Deepika duplicated KanganΠ°’s outfit), rivalry has always been and will be ineradicable in Bollywood. Just like Akshay – Ajay competition has been known for many years. but still Akshay gave his name to the film Son of Sardar for Ajay, but Ajay could not do the same and arranged a tantrum for the name of the new Karan-Akshay project

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