2017 – November – Blind Item 2

The first blind item for today comes from Mumbai Mirror. It’s about this actor, who probably just realised that he will have to be content with playing second fiddle to every big hero or every star in Bollywood unless he gets good scripts where he can play the lead without him looking creepy with a twice or thrice younger female co-star.

He has also been pushing this famous director to make another movie from his famous franchise, the only franchise that has him in the lead. The director is not really into this idea yet, despite assuring the actor that he will be creating something. Fact is, this senior hero doesn’t look young anymore despite being around the same age as the senior superstars in the country. Drugs and alcohol have made him look way older than what he really is.

So what is his next solution? Write a book! Yes, it was already previously reported that he was shopping around his life story to be made into a big international movie and now he wants a book written about his life.

Instead of focusing on his life, he could have toured the country speaking in schools, colleges and universities about the bad experiences he had with drugs. He can be paid doing that, but maybe that doesn’t pay as much as he would like to. He was in an interview last year saying that he’s ready to help the Government of Punjab when it comes to the drugs affecting youngsters there.

Well, who wants to read about his life story when it’s all already out there? And to make it worst, they are already making a film on him so why the need for a book?

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

2017 - November - Blind Item 2

This senior actor, who cannot be called a leading actor by any stretch of anyone’s imagination, is contemplating writing a book. What’s this, you ask? Anyone who wants to write a book writes a book these days. Correct. But this gent’s memoirs are particularly interesting as his life is even more colourful than technicolour movies he still finds himself in. A leading publishing firm is surprisingly showing interest. But the actor says he’s waiting until he finds a good ghost writer. May we offer our services? We are quite colourful in our prose.


OSOP Guesses

Senior Actor: Sanjay Dutt

2017 - November - Blind Item 2

2017 - November - Blind Item 2

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22 Responses

  1. ghjk says:

    Sorry admin (and most commentators), I disagree. Baba has done the kinda roles that would fit him since 15 years now. He’s rarely done romantic movies, so I’m not sure why the snark. He has always got custom roles, movies would not have been possible without him.

    I also disagree about there being no need for the book because “everything is out there”. Going by that logic, there’s no need for any book to ever be written because the internet has literally everything.

  2. Tina says:

    In the US, criminals are not allowed to profiteer off of their misdeeds. Even the guy who killed Obama was sued off of his earnings from a book he published about his experience. Why is this guy allowed to profit from his misdeeds….he’s a convicted of assisting terrorists for god’s sake!

    • Shivanisd says:

      Profit from his misdeeds?? Do u think he was a terrorist from day 1? He has a interesting life beyond that, incident. He didn’t kill anyone dear. There are rapists and murderers roaming free in this country. And u wanna punish sanjay after he already spent time in jail!!

      • Tina says:

        You do realize that he was jailed for abetting terrorism, right? For helping them store guns used to kill our own citizens – men, women and children during the Bombay Blasts? In exchange for one of those guns? That he used his Mafia contacts to threaten his colleagues? You think that’s better than being a rapist/terrorist?

        Amitabh is corrupt-from Bofors to Panama-yes he’s done it. By all means criticize him. But Sanjay, ‘oh poor me! I lost my Ma’ the eternal victim is worse. Amitabh’s daughter is a whore, because she left her husband and dates an unmarried man? What would that make Sanjay, a philandering, adulterous man-slut who cheated on 3 wives, one of whom had cancer? Beyond his involvement with mafia and terrorists, what’s interesting about him to film or write about ? Half of Bollywood is drug addicted. So yes, his biography is profiteering off of his crime.

        So ‘dear’, no he doesn’t get a pass for going to jail – you do the crime, you serve the time. Thanks to him and his like, there are good men and women who are NOT roaming the earth. Do you think their families will ever be free from their emotional wounds?

    • Shivanisd says:

      If u wanna talk about misdeeds then criticise Amitabh Bachchan who was paid 5 crores from the govt for a kissan ad. Who bought land meant for farmers and when, he was found out he slyly opened a university in aishwaryas name there. Whose name was in the, Panama papers. Nobody wants to talk about ab or his loser son or his whoring daughter and their black deeds.

  3. kiran101 says:

    strange ! He will obviously get paid in profit % for DUTT bio pic. He already must have sold some rights or sorts to tell his story without. He has better chance of making money this way without effort than have someone write your story with his inputs.

  4. Shivanisd says:

    Ranbirs movie has been shelved?? The one based on sanjay. Really? Poor ranbir.

  5. Shivanisd says:

    Instead of focusing on his life, he could have toured the country speaking in schools, colleges and universities about the bad experiences he had with drugs. He can be paid doing that- He has already talked a lot in public about the harmful effects of drug use. And no self respecting person would make money off of, something so personal and tragic. Its not like hes starving.

    • Admin says:

      Not like asking for money to talk, it’s more like a token. It’s what schools, universities and other platforms do when they invite someone over to talk. They pay for everything and give a token to the talker. Everyone gets it, including religious speakers or politicians or even actors.

      • ghjk says:

        He has done that. Read about him doing that post his jail time as well. Having said that, he was the son of two legendary actors, and his struggle can’t be compared with what everyday college kids go through. One of the biggest things drugs do is they bankrupt a person and cause them to go down the anti-social route to get money. Sanjay would’ve never faced that problem.

  6. Nimi says:

    The last thing I want to watch is Sanjay Dutt romancing Anushka or Katrina or Deepika. NO freaking way! He needs to retire gracefully.

    • Shivanisd says:

      If Amitabh bachhan keeps torturing us with his stupid movies doing idiotic roles then why not sanjay? At, least sanjay is goid looking. Amitabh is a buddha with a wig.

  7. naughtytrini says:

    This is what causing Bollywood to downfall. Actors dont know when to quit and they are forcing directors to take them and giving us poor movies. Sanjay has gotten freedom, please spend your time with your family who have been there for you when you was locked up. I for one dont even want him to write a book on himself, everyone knows all about you already, we dont need to read about you. SRK is a different kettle of fish though. Also Kat needs to pack up and leave. I really hope that movie with her and Salman flops big time. It might open his eyes to the fact that even though we may want to see him in movie we are putting down our foot and not allowing him to shove untalented expressionless actresses like Kat in our face. There are so many other actresses who could have done that role better. I didnt even bother watching the first movie but I heard she died in that one? If that is true, pray tell how she is back in this one?

    • rohan says:

      Don’t compare Kat with salman who gives constipated expressions in every scene… First he should be thrown out of the industry…

      • naughtytrini says:

        I’m sorry hunnie but Salman is a superstar. He gave some really great movies that I always watch over and over again, yes in his younger days. Got to admit now that he is getting older his body getting a bit stiffy so the dance moves not as nice as before, but at least he gave us some really great movies.

        • rohan says:

          great movies what a joke…His only good movie in the recent times is Bajrangi….since 2010 he has been doing remakes only except dabang which is a shit movie. TZH is also a remake movie

          • naughtytrini says:

            I did say in his younger days he made some great movies…but no you want to bash my opinion and even after all that I will still agree with you that yes in recent times he have been failing miserably as an actor.

      • Shivanisd says:

        If salman gives constipated expressions then what about SRK??

    • Nimi says:

      She didn’t die in that one. They escaped together to an unknown location. Should have watched the film or read the plot on Wiki rather than listening to stupid haters.

      • naughtytrini says:

        I watched one of her films and I will never watch another ever again. Totally wasted my time watching her pathetic acting. But yes reading the plot is a good idea. Will do so in the future.

        • Shivanisd says:

          If Katrina is expressionless then so is siddharth malhotra. Why do ppl keep cribbing about Katrina s acting but dont say anything about sid or aishwarya or imran lhan or other non actors in Bollywood. Also, srk is too smart to write a book about himself. He anyways talks a lot about himself in interviews, his marriage to gauri (!) his kids his struggling days his time in Delhi his parents blah blah blah… Boring. Hes an egomaniac.

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