2017 – December – Bollywood Blind Item 9

So, PinkVilla decided to touch dangerous water today, just a day before the New Year. Maybe they had some kind of list that they needed to tick off before this year ends. As it is, they should have known who they playing with. With an accusation as heavy as the one in their blind item, it’s really unprofessional on their part if this blind item is not true.

We doubt though that they would think the other party was going to respond, which is strange because the other party takes pleasure in responding. It does seem that she is, in fact, connected to her fan clubs because this particular fan club releases news that comes directly from her, as in this denial of PV’s blind item.

Within hours of the release of this blind item, hours or 20 minutes, a denial came from the fan club straightaway accusing PV of lying and trying to defame her. A couple of minutes after, an explanation came out as well. We really have nothing more to say except that this is one of the rare cases where the subject comes out to defend themselves and at the same time, clearing out who the blind item is about. Now, if only all celebs came out and did that for blind items about them, that would have been quite something!

Check out the blind item on PinkVilla below.



Bollywood Blind Item

2017 - December - Bollywood Blind Item 9

This popular actress FAKED her accident just to claim insurance

You must have heard and read about this actress meeting with an accident and also using a wheelchair when she exited an airport. However, now we hear that it was just a publicity stunt to claim insurance for the film she has been working on recently.

If sources are to be believed the actress had only sprained her ankle and there was no injury or fracture. She apparently planned all this out with her producer and even agreed to put plaster on her ankle to make it believable.

What caught our attention was that the actress attended many social events just after meeting with a big accident. How did the injury vanish in a couple of days? Strange.

Well, reportedly the actress was playing dirty along with her producer just to get the insurance money which could be pocketed by the two of them.


OSOP Guess

Actress: Kangana Ranaut

2017 - December - Bollywood Blind Item 9


2017 - December - Bollywood Blind Item 9

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46 Responses

  1. Helen says:

    Admin! Too many bots spotted here, can’t u just block them????

  2. lightsaber says:

    Who cares about what Pinkvilla writes anyways. This is almost 9th week in a row when PV posted a Kangana Ranaut related blind item or post on a Friday for attracting traffic to their website to tide over “slow news” weekends. Blind items are written by news “media” organizations, who employ journalists. PinkVilla is not such a platform.; they dont have journalists and dont have credibility as a news source. They post whatever PRs provide to them. So blinds written by PV are far less credible than ones written by say Mumbai Mirror, Times, Rajeev Masand, etc etc. This possibly came from HR PR. Indeed, no one cares about PV no more. Look how HR PR bots/fans come hounding to this website.

    Keep up the good work, admin!

    Its also interesting to see how HR PR has become so active in anti-KR fake news ever since he dropped his old PR agency and signed up with CAA Kwn in March 2017. DP has been with this agency for a long time and she/her PR was previously accused of planting fake stories against her rivals a while ago too. Masand had a blind item.

    Common Enemy

    If a prominent leading lady is to be believed, a bunch of female actors have got together and decided they will not engage with another top actress, so as to stop her from gaining publicity and attention from riding on their shoulders. This actress explains that they were “frustrated” by the way their rival’s publicists would stir up controversies to make their client look good… at the cost of running down a different actress each time. When this began to happen too frequently, my source reveals, a bunch of the scarred ladies took a stand that they would just stop engaging with the heroine in question hereon.

    It’s not unusual in the messy business of PR to run down a rival to make one’s client look better in comparison—and frankly, no publicist in Bollywood could claim to have never indulged in the practice. But as this incident seems to indicate, some spin-doctors take their roles a little too seriously, often investing more effort in sabotage than propping up their clients.

    • goldengirl says:

      lol KR PR again accuing HR PR. well thats all they can do. Her obsession with him is insane, i can see how KR PR and fans are here and accusing HR PR on this website. This story is true. what a hypocrisy your believe Rajeev blind about Deepika but who are not ready to believe this story by the same man. weel KR is fake. HR PR has better things to do. so keep obsessing with KR PHANSTASY lol

    • Pooja says:

      Dude CAA kwan is a talent management agency not a pr agency . Dp’s pr agency is spice pr it also manages the accounts of amir,hritik ,jaqueline, shraddha etc and the same bratty sonam who badmouths Dp didn’t blink a second before changing from bling entertainment to kwan after the success of NEERJA , incidentally it was atul kasbekar( bling entertainment owner ) who produced NEERJA . All the actresses who ganged against Dp would give a hand and leg to be managed by spice pr and would be happy to rundown others if they think it would help them.

      No one’s innocent in entertainment business kat bad mouthes and gives negative articles to media by her so called sources or friends aka herself. sonam bitches given a chance to media about others behind the scenes , Anushka dosen’t have a control over her emotions and she’s insecure – in entertainment business one should have a good control over your emotions – what you say and speak : people would wait for you to make one wrong statement to drag you down . Dp was dragged down for making wrong statement’s by other’s pr –
      When anushka made a careless , bitchy statement about not seeing padmavati posters because ” she’s in a no network area fortunately or unfortunately ” articles were written calling her out .

      Do agree that kangana raised few valid points about nepotism and do agree that hritik is wrong from his side to show kangana’s private pics to others – but kangana’s no angel . She had no problem with nepotism when nepotism worked for her i.e she got movie roles because she’s hritiks girlfriend , and she got her roles because she was in a relationship with ajay devgan- she gets bitter when things don’t work out for her .

      Amir also says he dosen’t believe in awards so he dosen’t attend them -end of the story , but the same kangana rants about awards in such a way it looks like she got so vile against awards because she wasn’t given one . The so called national awards kangana believes in are also rigged – like she got a national awards for tanu returns …. there were better performances that year , just like saif got a national award when sharmila tagore was on cbfc board. Kangana has political clout who support her .

      The kangana who claims she’s from a poor family is actually a from a well off business family well connected to politicians and her own family has politicians. Kangana maniupulates semi -truths to fit her agenda. She’s a true POLITICIAN of bollywood she can lie through her teeth and make gullible people believe she’s actually speaking truth.

      No one’s innocent in entertainment business every one waits to drag others down and bitch behind each others backs . These so called woman who ganged against Dp – bitch about each other behind each others backs , their only reason for mutual interest in each other is their common enemy i.e Dp and all of them combined together couldn’t drag down Dp as unlike all the above mentioned women Dp has a good control over her emotions , Only kat from the above mentioned has a control over her emotions , but she drags down other’s by her so called sources.

      Kareena is the only one who openly behaves like the person she actually i.e bitchy ….She’s honest but now she’s more toned down over years . Alia dosen’t have to worry about anything beacuse papa karan – the biggest pr in the industry is there to manage her.

      CONCLUSION – No one’s innocent in entertainment business , kangana’s no angel .And only the toughest , smartest and hard working people succeed in this industry . Bollywood is a difficult place to survive in . No one is no person’s true friend in bollywood , they just act like they are good friends. And if pv actually made up this blind -than that’s very wrong. But i dobt pv will make blind if there wasn’t a bit of truth to it.

      • Nars <3 Kangana says:

        Kangana is no angel and fyi her fans know this.

        Kangana said her family was well to do and they couldve supported her when she started out but they didnt, instead they cut all tides with her and she suffered. She couldnt pay rent, slept on the footpath and found refuge with Aditya Pancholi – ones live would have to be in a ditch to find comfort with a persom like that, besides it wasnt aditya that got her gangster anways. She also says her family was too “poor” to send her to a fancy american acting school but they were “wealthy” enough to send her to Medical School within North India .. there is obviously a big difference in cost to an American Uni vs. A Local Uni.

        Kangana got two NAs prior to TWMR and both Fashion and Queen were under two different governments. She says her Grandfather was an IS officer and he great?grand was a freedom fighter who got a letter from Gandi ji…apart from that I dont know what political connection she or her family has. If you can provide your sources it would be appreciated, Ive been looking for these so called political connections for a while now.

        Did she or did she not benefit from nepotism? Yes but only with Ajay Devgan. She got Tezz but the originally wanted Vidya for that role.

        She did 2 more movies with Anurag, after Gangster but thats not nepotism, she ended up in Bhatt camp and did like 4 movies with them. Just like Anushka & Parineeti with YRJ.

        So, it said she got Krish because of Hrithik – but ofcourse both have a different story (POV) but the fact remains – she initially rejected that movie and it was offered to a few other actresses before she signed it.

        Anyways, according to that Stardust article she was pissing mad with Ajay because he stupid dream was shattered. Smh!

        As for the other actresses, only DP was accused of using pr to run down other actresses…the other actresses can use any pr agency they want and do the samething, but they havent. Its true all use pr agencies, they all push articles in the media that try to make them look like angels, those articles are easy to spot and most of them are hilarously cheesy.

        For me Kat, Kareena and PC are best at emotional control, then Alia, jacqueline, Kangana, Deepika and Anushka in that order.

        Besides all the actresses are doing their own thing, Anushka has her production house and she works with Khans. DP has slb and besides she’s on top despite no releases in two years. Alia has dharma camp and she is super talented. It’s only Kat that sucks up to an abusive ex for movies so no one is stepping on anyone anymore

  3. Pooja says:

    The blind clearly about kangana she is only popular actress who came at airport in wheelchair all was write in very clever n clearly that even kids guess that n by the way I seen many actress who r not twitter but connect to their fanclub like Katrina n her fan page they was releasing all the location of tzh shooting even hotel name n timing n pics of sets for keeping her news then salman fans came requested that page to stop releasing location detail n shooting then that page stop .even by bogus voting they make bogus madame tussade poll win by taking help of rk n bebo’s fan PC n dp fan have no idea about poll they was bogus fraud voting its was bogus poll

    • Nars <3 Kangana says:

      Tean kangana handle on twitter is her official fanclup and it is run by her digital team, they are in twitter, instagram and facebook

      • Pooja says:

        That what I’m saying many actress link with their fan page not big deal many even misuse thet so y they making issue only pointing kangana

        • Nars <3 Kangana says:

          Exactly. She openly mentions her digital team… & any other team she associates with. Just watch how popular Ami Patel the stylist is now amongst all the popular actress …including Alia, Maduri, PC, Athiya.

  4. goldengirl says:

    KR cant be trusted. i bet this explanation is by a fake woman herself. If it wasn’t true (majority blinds are true) so she or her dumb lawyer would have said it openly and accused others without proofs. KR lied about everything and many expose her lies with solid proofs. Latest is Jitesh (filmfare editor) who exposed her lie of nominating and not winning the award but that year she wasn’t nominated nor soha win as KR accused him. We all saw her pics outside gym just after a week of her injury. Also, she attended many events. How can one do all this with the fractured foot? PR driven lol nobody in BW or media care about KR till she bad mouth others or accused superstars. i feel sorry for her coz she is talented and self-made but still insecure and a bad person.

    • Rashmi says:

      bots Hrithik keep putting the shit villa)) there you will not find a single blind about your employer, it’s time to calm down, no?))

      • goldengirl says:

        bots kangana blaming HR as usual. Shitvilla has many blinds (by KR PR) about him. so calm down. dont be so obsessed with HR like stalker Kangana. lol her PHANTASY. BTW i state the truth.

      • goldengirl says:

        forget everything, be honest n tell didnt KR lied about being nominated for K3 and Soha winning the award ? when facts are there that she wasnt nominated that year and Kokana win best-supporting-actress award. Stop dragging HR everywhere.

  5. Random person says:

    Seriously….. Do insurance company give away miney without verifying??? Won’t they look at her x-rays, medical reports etc before giving away the insurance money??? Her team always maintained that the injury was not serious and she will be fine in a few days.

  6. Nars <3 Kangana says:

    What is curious is that this is the second blind from PV about the same “fake” inury. First it was to delay shooting and now it is insurance….either way someone is out to say she faked a simple ankle sprain for one or any reason that suits their imagination.

  7. Amanda says:

    I never trusted kangana..kangana is a miser who doesn’t pay her maid and other staff well.. Whatever she says about being a feminist is bullshit… She is just using feminist..
    I can very much believe this maybe her doing

    • Rashmi says:

      strange accusations. Kangana is a miser who contains his family and advertises small projects for free, in which he does not even take part. As for example the small project Sonu Sud. also Kangana is the one who wrote several story lines to the Queen especially for Lisa Haydon. If Kangana does not pay the maid, why does the maid work for her for free? what is its interest? Kanganа has a team that has been working with her for a long time. I understand that any actress who says that she fights for women’s rights (Kangana fights and this is a fact) will always be accused of having a pseudo feminist. So it was with Sonam, Priyanka, Deepika

    • Nars <3 Kangana says:

      Where did u get the information that she doesnt pay her maid well?

      • Amanda says:

        You can read the post about bookmybai.. You will get enough hints there… Not that I am fan of hrithik Roshan, but I don’t trust kangana either.. I will go with my intuition no matter how much I am bashed here and people call me antifeminist… A person who can keep her maid only on bread and tea through out the day, who doesn’t pay enough her massagewali Bai and many more people can’t be called a feminist.. Women who are working for their livelihood must be paid their due.. Just using public for self gain in the form of feminism is no good… Initially I used to believe her words, but now no more..

        • Rashmi says:

          where did you get such strange information about a servant? maybe you know her personally? Really? why is the poor maid still not quit? she likes to work without pay? You believe Hrithik despite his endless love affairs with Katrina Bebo, Even Shveta bachchan and you think that’s okay, but Hrithik says he’s also a feminist, he supports Farhan on this issue and they both use women, but of course they’re not pseudo, right? I respect you and your opinion, Amanda, you seem to me an intelligent person, but here there is no logic. Kangana does not pay the maid, but the servant is happy to work for Kanganа without any salary. just for love.

          • goldengirl says:

            The news about the maid and beating her is by agencies who provide staff to stars. You believe KR who stalk married men and lie about relationships? She had affairs with ajay, aditya, adhyan, nicholas etc. Prove that HR had affairs with Bebo, kat or shweta. Have some shame as Shweta is a married woman. Everyone is not like KR. Both use women?how? its KR who use men and send obscene material. Dont accuse provide proof. Farhan is HR childhood friend and friends support each other like Salman is supporting kat and you support your friend. Also, you dont need to drag HR down but KR fans are obsessed with him. Good

          • Rashmi says:

            you’re so ridiculous. Really. Kangana is not married and can deal with anyone she wants. Your obsession with Hrithik is understandable, but he was married and he had adultery. Fact. Suzanne left him. no woman will leave a good and rich husband voluntarily. now I will be as a fan of Hrithik and I will write that all these dirty stories are Hrithik’s PR and his bots continue to do this dirty work (which was confirmed by the administrator himself) LOL

          • goldengirl says:

            You are ridiculous. Really KR can stalk married men and break another woman home?is it ethical? ok men are sick but a woman like her help them to cheat. if we the women say no to these men trust me they cant do anything alone.. Your hatred for HR is not understandable. Are you his close buddy or eyewitness of his adultery? KR had adultery with married men. Suzzzane is back with him and supports him. No woman will come back with a cheating husband. i bet all these dirty stories and accusations are KR PR and her bots continue to do work (which was confirmed by admin himslef as well as half of BW) HR PR is not interested nither obsessed with stalker KR. So keep blaming and do HR bhajna like your idol .

        • Nars <3 Kangana says:

          That wasnt Kangana, they are countless actors with NA & she has the same house help, driver and gaurd for years now.

          • Pepeas says:

            Yes exactly, I was just about to write the same thing!

          • Ananya says:

            Admin can you clear this rumour? You had posted this in past. But you didn’t give out osop guess. Like Nar mentions here there are many NA holders, even in current lot Vidya, Kangana, Priyanka. So who is this NA winner who beat or starved their maid?

            Also I have read another blind abt Kangana and sister bearing up a driver. Is it true or take it with a pinch of salt?

            Please clear these two for me Admin. And HAPPY NEW YEAR ❤

          • Ananya says:

            Admin please respond to this. I’m waiting for your reply.

          • Admin says:

            Ananya, the maid thing might not be here as there’s no concrete evidence and we wouldn’t like to accuse her without any proof. The driver abuse was all over the news in 2008:

            Zeenews Bureau

            Mumbai, March 20: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has been accused of abusing her driver both physically and verbally after he asked her to give directions to the sets of `Fashion` in which Kangana plays a leading role.
            Rajesh who has been working as driver for Kangana since the last five months, told Zee News that he was slapped and verbally abused by Kangana and her sister, Rangoli after he asked them to give the exact location to the sets of Fashion. ” Kangana and her sister were heading to the sets of her film ‘Fashion’. Kangana asked me go to the sets but when I asked her the exact location of her set, she got really irritated, shouted and abused me. She said that I should find out the way to her sets beforehand and began to actually hit me”, said Rajesh.

            Even though Rajesh asked her to stop, as he was unable to drive properly she paid no attention to him and was joined by her sister who too started to hit him. Once the actress reached the sets she got inside her vanity van and when she returned she again called Rajesh and slapped him in front of the entire crew. Her sister too started to shout and abuse him. At this point, Rajesh felt really insulted so he handed over the keys to her and walked away.

            Rajesh recounts that this is not the first time that the actress has physically abused him. There have been many occasions when she has embarrassed him by calling him insulting names.

            Rajesh has issued a complaint against Kangana in Varsova Police Station, the driver has also stated that the two sisters have issued him threats if he reports the matter. Rajesh said, ” Two days after I left the job I got threatening calls from Kangana and Rangoli. They asked me not to report the matter or I shall face dire consequences.”

          • Ananya says:

            Ok but I guess you reported that blind based on some maid agency reports. So u might be knowing the names na. In fact it was not just against her but several celeb face was revealed in that blind. If I’m not wrong Shilpa Shetty, Bipasha, Priyanka names were revealed in the comment section and you had asserted these names. So why only exclusion is Kangana? Only this NA celeb was not revealed.

            Plus in HR KR case till date no proof has been submitted from Kangana side though I believe an affair happened and from your comments and briefs to some situations, I do assume you agree as well. So if we don’t need proof in such a big accusation against a male why not against a female too? I hate Hrithik and no I’m not blaming you, but just curious to know.

            Ok the driver case might have got washed off. But I remember reading a similar line in that Suman reveals. That she abuses a lot and once in a pub, she went inside and then came out and slapped and insulted him, almost in similar manner. Is it a coincidence or is something wrong with this girl? This is not quite a normal behaviour, I’m not saying she’s crazy but you get what I mean?!

          • Admin says:

            KR is someone who has issues. It’s better that she sees someone to work these things out because it’s not healthy to just keep blurting out how life is unfair or this or that. We all go through things and what matters at the end of the day is how we come out of our life issues and what we learn from it. She just went through it, she hasn’t yet learned from it so she’s using her platform to keep on complaining or whining about how her life was unfair, growing up was unfair and her father was unfair. She will be much happier if she learned to fix and work out these issues. She will be healthier mentally too.

            As for the affair, at this point after everything that came out, the only people who know are HR and KR. We can make assumptions and all that, but only they know what happened and whether something did happened. If she comes out and say that the relationship was only those emails sent and that she didn’t even meet once or called each other once, you know what the truth is but she hasn’t confirmed any of those things. Maybe someone should ask her.

          • Ananya says:

            You are right. I felt the same with regard to her. She hasn’t evolved from the experiences she has had. She’s still in the suffering or wounded stage. I Hope she helps herself because if used in the right sense she has the talent and power which is inspiring.

            Hmm true but that’s not going to be cleared ever. Thank you for responding and sorry for the delayed reply.

    • kiran101 says:

      Excuse me ! Its Roshan family that are misers ….people here know them personally . Do you know kangana personally? People here know about Hrithik’s endless affairs with everyone…but kangana’s endless affairs with married men is all false and she is a feminist , fighting for every woman’s cause out there…she is fighting for us! People here caught Hrithik-Swetha Nanda red handed …that is why they drag a married woman with kids into slime. Kangana beating up her driver is a false story planted by rivals…but its true that Hrithik family is evil, miser and guess what Hrithik is so dumb yet all these women had affairs with him, kangna even wanted to marry this dumb guy.you know why , she is a feminist . There is no truth in this blind PV is sold out to KJO and gang. But somehow PV let this place be advertised in its websites…

      • goldengirl says:

        People who?KR bots. People too know about KR endless affairs with married men. Do you know Roshans personally? KR herself admit dating married men and her emails are proof of stalking married men. see her own interview in stardust. so how its fake? Feminist, who drag other women down for no reason, Balming kat having an affair with HR when the world knows she was with RKi? only her PR n fans call her feminist. Can you name any one or people who caught HR shweta red handed? where are the pics? its KR and her fans vivid imagination. KR beating up is a true story.Even she has beaten her EX BF. You ppl trust everything about HR that comes but everything about KR is false. lol. Truth is KR and her family is evil not HR. Guess what KR is so dumb and mad thats why no one wants to date her. Provide proofs of his affairs. Are you an eyewitness?. All KR and her bots can do are to blabber without proof. Hr is hot and intelligent thus all women throw themselves on him including your stalker idol who sent nudes and get engaged in her head. KR wanted to marry him coz she knows he is not dumb but hot, classy rich and successful. There is truth to this blind. Yeah everyone who exposed KR lies is sold to KJO or HR PR. Btw its by Rajeev Masand who s KR PR. and anti HR.

        • Nina says:

          Lady /gentleman sarcasm! Of course no one here knows hrithik personally .please re read my comment.

      • goldengirl says:

        .people here know them personally? so how do you know them in person? whats the relationship of people here with ROSHAN?LOL kuch bhi. KR is miser and fake. People here know KR personally too 😛

      • Nars <3 Kangana says:

        Kangana has had a few relationships and most are well known. The only one she never spoke about publically was Ajay Devgan. She isnt shy about her love life and she openly says she enjoys sex.

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