2017 – December – Bollywood Blind Item 6

The blind item below sounds like some immature thing, like a scene from the movie ‘Mean Girls’. Why not? This is how these girls behave, girls whose life is only about wearing designer clothes, handing with their girls, partying with their boys and all that crap. We eyerolled so hard reading the blind item below that our eyes ended up like this:

We have nothing else to say about the blind item from BollywoodLife except that it’s OK to wear clothes from anywhere, as long as you didn’t steal it! Check it out below.


Bollywood Blind Item

2017 - December - Bollywood Blind Item 6


This star kid disses her rival’s wardrobe, calls her collection bought from local market

Bollywood gossip is something we can’t get enough of. While some of it becomes the talk-of-the-town, most of it is kept under wraps and only disclosed in closed rooms in a hush hush manner. We can’t stop adoring our favourite Bollywood celebs on screen but what happens at B-town parties and events will leave you stunned. Just before the year comes to an end, we bring to you some fresh gossip from the year which will leave you guessing.

In 2018, we will be seeing star kids rule B-town, but seems like the rivalry has already brought their bitter side out. The star kids, some of who are still teenagers, are being pitted against each other often by fans. This surely creates a sense of competition between them. Recently we got to know that a star kid, who is often seen making headlines as she steps out for parties, was bitching about her rival, in the circle. This star kid still doesn’t have a film yet and it seems to be bringing the worst of her out. She has gone around dissing her rival’s wardrobe and has spoken about how it is stocked up with clothes from local roadside markets. Ouch!

While the star kid is yet to make her Bollywood debut, her rival will soon be seen in a film. The rival has become the talking point of B-town ever since she signed her debut film. This rival, too, is often seen leaving everyone wanting for more as she arrives in designer dresses for B-town parties. While we don’t know if news of her collection being from the local market is true, we feel it hardly matters.

However we wonder why is the star kid bitching about the debutant as she is not really her rival. Given the fact that she is not looking to make her Bollywood debut in the coming year. We wonder if there is some bad blood between the two or is it just plain jealousy. Have you guessed the two star kids yet?


OSOP Guesses

Star Kid: Shanaya Kapoor or Ananya Pandey

2017 - December - Bollywood Blind Item 6

Star Kid making debut: Sara Ali Khan

2017 - December - Bollywood Blind Item 6

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8 Responses

  1. Sara says:

    shanaya is plain jane! no chance of a debut
    not that other “star kids” are star materials

  2. OddEye says:

    Shanaya is unlikely to get movie roles with those looks and that attitude. She’ll end up like Athiya Shetty. A makeshift fashionista by force not by choice.

  3. Deep says:

    and the worse thing is that people like KJo will shove these intellectually bankrupt teens in our face forever……He seriously has some Hollywood/American hangover……

  4. Pepeas says:

    What lovely values this young woman has been taught. Turns her nose up at roadside market clothes and by implication, the people who wear them. Being of modest means us not a moral failing, but having an attitude like hers sure is morally bankrupt…

  5. prvilla says:

    RIP Bollywood!

  6. Amanda says:

    It can’t be ananya as Karan Johar is gonna launch her soon.. I don’t know who Shanaya is.. It may be her..

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