2017 – December – Bollywood Blind Item 5

The blind item below is from PinkVilla. It could have been written in a better and clearer way with more clues given. Given the minimal clues that the blind item provides, we have just had to really rack our brains out to guess who this blind item might just be talking about. We think we pretty much got it, but we might be wrong as well. Still, let’s explain why we think our OSOP Guesses are who they might be talking about.

Out of all the three most famous superstars in Bollywood, only one had a really bad phase of delivering flops after flops. So it’s not that difficult to guess who is the superstar that this blind item is talking about. During his downtime, he helped a lot of people and a lot of people still went to him with films. We don’t think that they had the intention of really helping him, it was more of him helping them because they too were not doing well.

It was only when he signed a new manager that she put a stop to all of his charitable signings. As people are in life, this superstar too went through a phase when the same people who signed him in his dull phase came when he was doing well at the box office. Naturally, they all wanted a piece of the big money, so they all came with projects for him to sign. Some of them even announced that they were in talks to start a new film or a sequel to that one hit film they had together and so on.

His manager put a stop to all this and all these people were left waiting in the lurch. Now that the manager is out of the picture, these people are coming back, but that doesn’t mean that the superstar didn’t understand how things work. He does and he still has no interest in doing favours for now. He himself need to get back his career on track as the box office king with his masala movies. This filmmaker has been looking to sign this superstar for ages now, but nothing concrete has been happening. It’s not mentioned whether he’s a successful filmmaker or an out of a job one, so we just went with the one we had in mind.

That’s pretty much it. It’s why we think who this blind item is talking about. Check it out below and see for yourself.



Bollywood Blind Item

2017 - December - Bollywood Blind Item 5


This FILMMAKER is extremely upset with a popular actor

This actor has turned down a film offered to him by a well-known filmmaker. The filmmaker had helped him when he was going through a rough patch in his life. He gave him an opportunity to work with him at the time when he had no work.

Apparently, the filmmaker was to start a film with the superstar. However, the film was put on hold as the superstar actor was busy shooting for an action film. So, the filmmaker decided to shoot another film and approached this actor. But he also refused to do a film with him.

The actor is currently waiting for the release of his next film and will also start shooting for his other film in February. So, there could be a chance that the dates the filmmaker proposed were clashing with his film that will go on floors in February.


OSOP Guesses

Filmmaker: Boney Kapoor

Films during rough patch: Wanted and No Entry

Superstar: Salman Khan

2017 - December - Bollywood Blind Item 5

2017 - December - Bollywood Blind Item 5


Other Actor: Ranbir Kapoor or Ranveer Singh

Film awaiting release: Dutt Biopic or Padmavati

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20 Responses

  1. Rupa says:

    Doesnt anyone notice the malaika arora-arjun kapoor-boney kapoor angle to salmans refusal to work wd boney.
    Dont think its right to call arjun leeching boney…its his right as a son.boney abandoned him n his mother ,leaving her battle cancer and him battling life including obesity.no wonder he finds solace in a woman older his age

  2. WellMeaningFan says:

    To quote Boney K. from an interview with Komal Nahta during Tevar release, Salman had done “No Entry for free since I had no money to pay my actors.”

    With WANTED too, Salman’s finances were the last ones to be settled. Doubt if he would have received his complete pay had the film not done well.

    With Sri and Arjun around, what does he even need Salman for? Hasn’t the guy been leeched off enough!?

    • Amanda says:

      Looking at all the plastic surgeries on Sri and her daughters and all the expensive designer clothes they wear, I don’t think boney is any kind of financial crunch…. Sri has made lots of money and boney nowadays acts like sri’s manager, bargaining fees and other things on her behalf.. He can also start managing his daughters profiles.. He doesn’t need to direct any films.. He is fully employed as in-house manager..

      • Fair says:

        Yeah talking of surgeries….. Both Janhavi and Khushi look like they have enhanced their nose but both are so young. Janhavi is just 19 and Khushi still below 18 that means they have done surgeries before 18????????? How is that even legal???? What kind of Parenthood i wonder.

        • Admin says:

          they had it done overseas, it was obvious from the time they were 16 and below that their looks started to change.

        • Amanda says:

          Plastic surgeries are best done when young before you are launched… Look at the girls who got it done after they became famous.. People make fun of them even now.. On the contrary if it’s done before launch, no one can point out the changes unless you have a very keen observation and have followed them since childhood… In countries like Korea, Japan, China etc plastic surgeries are done at a much younger age,, some do it at the age of 12years..

          • Admin says:

            Girls shouldn’t be encouraged to have plastic surgeries or cosmetic surgeries done, period. It becomes an addiction. Look at Sridevi, at her age, she’s even going through surgeries that she doesn’t need.

          • Amanda says:

            Just adding to my previous comments on plastic surgery – -I don’t encourage plastic surgery at all.. They rob our unique features and end up making clones.. I am very firm believer of ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’.. All types of skin, face, shape and size are beautiful.. I just mentioned that plastic surgeries happen in some countries at a much younger age that can shock us… Plastic surgery is addictive and once you get it done once, you can never stop it.. So many of my favs have lost their charm after getting it done.. It’s horrifying now to look at their faces…

    • Admin says:

      He has filed for bankruptcy several times already. Maybe he did so to avoid paying off his debts and employees…

  3. Amanda says:

    I think Salman and boney suit the blind… Though I was able to identify Salman but was no sure of the director…

    Why reshma shetty’s magic worked only for Salman and not for any other actors? I mean Sanjay dutt, madhuri dixit etc…

    • Rashmi says:

      even for Akshay, the magic of Reshma does not work, although before I very much believed that with Reshma there will be great success for Akshay. but what she does, I do not like. Akshay became too talkative on Twitter, he blah blah blah for days on end, he’s never been so, he was always a mystery. his character also began to deteriorate after cooperation with Reshma. I do not see any good and profitable projects. But yes, for Salman Reshma was perfect, she gave him a new life.

      • Admin says:

        Salman’s case is unique. No other star is like him. Reshma only took his qualities and highlighted them to his benefit. Akshay is nothing like Salman. Salman has people ready to die for him, his fans are crazy about him. So in Reshma’s case, she only helped to make Salman a public commodity as compared to before. His good deeds were highlighted and she turned his public image around, thanks to his big heart and being human organization.

        • Rashmi says:

          in fact, Reshma also made Salman human being , she came up with this. Now, without Reshma, I do not hear anything about Salman’s charity. it’s all in the past. by the way Salman is really unique, he needed to clear his image of the bad guy and Reshma did it. no one else needed this.

          • Admin says:

            Salman Khan was already large-hearted. He always helped when asked by his friends and family. Reshma just made it all public and created an image for him. But, he himself was already a charitable person. He doesn’t make a big deal about money or other materials.

        • Amanda says:

          Does all of being human collection goes to charity or goes to personal bank account? I am wary of NGOs these days as many are using it as a pretext for tax saving and display of generosity but actually not everything gets utilized for charity.. A relative of mine is running two old age homes and gets decent donations but that money is not entirely spent on those homes. He has recently built a new house for himself from those donations… Everyone related to him knows that but keep mum about it.. I have stopped donating to NGOs and prefer helping out someone personally..

          If being human is indeed entirely for charitable cause, then kudos to Salman ..

          • Admin says:

            It depends on how these charity organisations are run. First, you need to get money. Then, the money is used on many things related to the organisation, such as making the materials, renting places, paying salaries and utilities bills and so on. It’s not solely spent on doing charity. After all these cuts, the rest of the money is then spent on charity. Once you start, you need money to keep it running. You can’t depend on your salary alone. It’s why Salman opened up these shops to make profits to be able to sustain charity.

            We have relatives too, who owned charity schools for the underprivileged. The biggest challenge for them is to find the money to keep it running. As long as your relative is spending good money on the old age homes and keeping the seniors comfortable, it’s fine. But if he’s cheating people, then that’s a sin on him.

          • Amanda says:

            Not related to this post, Admin, can you please tell us why Salman is not interested to work with Deepika and priyanka though both are trying their best to get a project opposite him..
            Is is because of animosity between Deepika and katrina and their statements in media.. As for priyanka, maybe it’s because of her past with SRK? I know Salman is very caring about his ex-girlfriends and doesn’t like to hear anything negative said about them… His showdown with SRK during Katrina’s bday party over Aishwarya being one example..
            Though he is cordial to both when they come for film promotions etc, yet not interested in films with them is strange..

            His recent comment that katrina has become better dancer than priyanka and Deepika, I don’t know how will they take this…

          • Admin says:

            He’s more interested in promoting his own girls. So when he makes a film, he wants one or two of his girls in it. So far, Deepika has refused films with him, but as far as PC goes, nothing has been offered yet. Both of these ladies know there’s nothing to do in his films anyway, so why sign with him.

          • Amanda says:

            Thanks for the info.. I asked that Question after reading the 6th point mentioned here – https://skjbollywoodnews.com/10-unknown-facts-salman-khan/

            Got to know that padmawati finally got certified UA.. I was waiting for this movie since long..

          • Pooja says:

            Its dp who rejected salman’s films at least 6-7films not salman n PC was offered Mr. Mrs khanna where sohail was main leadhero n salman was doing cameo so she rejected film in 2005 since then he never done film with PC even PC use arpita to make up things with salman still salman never forgive her for that

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