2016 – September – Bollywood Blind Item 2

Today’s blind item from Bollywood is a little confusing. First off, they made the blind item sound like it’s a recent blind item. If it is the case, then we have the answer for it, but we are not so sure about the answer. Nevertheless, it seems to be the only one that makes sense IF the blind item is referring to now. If the blind item is referring to a long time ago, then we have the perfect OSOP Guesses for that. We are putting both below, so you just decide which one you want to believe.

Bollywood Blind Item

2016 - September - Bollywood Blind Item 2


This actor-turned-producer has money issues & no one's helping!

When you’re an actor, you are unmindful of spending your producer’s money. But when an actor turns producer, he or she realises just how difficult it is to look for funds. Makes you wish you had been a little more careful with your producer’s funds back in the day.

So this actor who got lucky once made his debut in the industry and many producers went on to sign him as they thought he would be a money spinner at the box office. When the actor realised this, he started charging a bomb. Not only that, the actor’s spouse used to pester the producers to release his payments.

Now the tides have changed. When the actor decided to turn producer, he approached one of the producers who had once produced one of his films. But the producer straightaway rejected the offer. Always, always stay on good terms with your producers!


OSOP Guesses

Actor-turned-producer: Imran Khan
Reason: According to the blind item, he’s the only one to fit the bill.

2016 - September - Bollywood Blind Item 2


Other OSOP Guesses:

Actor-turned-producer: Sanjay Dutt
Reason: This blind item makes sense as Sanjay Dutt’s wife is known to interfere in his work, including asking for higher payments for Sanjay’s commitment for a film. We heard she increased his fees after he came out of jail because she thought a lot of producers will be running to sign him.

2016 - September - Bollywood Blind Item 2

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