2016 – November – Blind Item – Hollywood

Today’s blind item comes from Blind Gossip. It’s a bit ridiculous, but it also shows you what people with no talent in their bone have to do to get people talking about them. It’s quite sad considering how this subject’s better half is all about talent. It does prove that opposites do attract. Check out the blind item below to see who it’s about.


Hollywood Blind Item

2016 - November - Blind Item - Hollywood



The Flash

This singer’s wife is saying that she is oh-so-embarrassed about having flashed her private parts on the red carpet.

No she’s not.

She knew EXACTLY what she was doing when she wore that dress with no underwear. I was talking to her after [the event] and she was like, β€œHey, a girl’s gotta do [what a girl’s gotta do]. It’s hard to get noticed with all those other celebrities, so you gotta wear and say and do whatever [you have to] to get noticed. You have to be one of the top stories the next day.” She asked me if I thought she would be one of the top stories. I said yes, and she seemed really happy about that. Her whole life is about self-promotion 24/7.


OSOP Guesses

Singer’s Wife: Chrissy Teigen

Singer: John Legend

2016 - November - Blind Item - Hollywood

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2 Responses

  1. aka says:

    thank u so much! Ive always thought shes attention hungry and fake. Hate her.

  2. Rashmi says:

    very sorry that was a big Hollywood blind items than Bollywood, all updates blind items Bollywood 4 percent, Hollywood 6, I do not know why so much? I’m so happy was now novelties, but feel disappointed (

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