2016 – February – Blind Item

Today’s blind item comes from Miss Malini. The blind item is about this ex-star-wife, who decided to break the Bollywood star wives code and file for divorce from her superstar husband. We are saying she broke the code because no star wife has ever dared to file for divorce, especially if the husband is a superstar. So, the job of star wives is to stand by their husband no matter what the situation is and pretend to be happy. It was rumoured that wives of celebrities like to indulge in recreational drugs together at the housze of a superstar’s house. They do this to handle the harsh situations at home or so they say. Read the blind item below and see if you can guess.

Bollywood Blind Item

This Married Actor Has Ended His Affair

This torrid affair between a married actor and his wife’s divorced friend had rocked Bollywood a few years ago. Even recently, there were reports of them sneaking out of the country to spend time together. But it seems like the two have been avoiding each other since a month. They have mutually decided to end things as they realized that they don’t have a future together. The actor is married with children and the woman too has her own family to take care of. This made them understand that they are only causing hurt to their families and no good will come out of this relationship.

OSOP Guesses

Married Actor: Arjun Rampal
Divorced Friend: Sussanne Khan

You know what’s funny, some years ago on a television show about Arjun Rampal’s life, Hrithik Roshan made an appearance in a video playing especially for Arjun. He said how his wife Sussanne and him used to be in awe of Arjun when he started out as a model. If we remember correctly, Hrithik used the word “most good-looking guy” when he described what he and Sussanne used to think of Arjun back then.

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