2015 – February – Blind Item

Today’s blind item happened many years ago. It happened before this actress tied the knot. She was very popular when this incident happened, especially in the place that it happened. This blind item is by Rajeev Masand, so let’s see if you can guess who it is about.


No Designer Gown, No Award Show

2015 - February - Blind Item

Understandably, the organisers of a prominent Bollywood awards show, held annually at different locations across the globe, would be bursting with stories of star tantrums, overseas hookups, and general bad behaviour by film folk. They tend to keep the stories to themselves”after all, the same stars are invited each year for the big show”but occasionally, a shocker or two will slip. Like this one about a curvaceous actress and the stunt she reportedly pulled in the UK some years ago. The lady in question (now married and not working very frequently), who was always more popular for her item songs than her performances in films, landed in London for the show and almost immediately began complaining that her bags had been misplaced by the airline. She made it clear that she could not attend the show that evening because she didn’t have a dress. She’d especially picked out a designer gown, but now it was lost with her bags.

The organisers, who’d paid for the actress, her mother, and her entourage to travel for the event, felt pushed against the wall, and naturally couldn’t afford for her to skip the show. They volunteered to pay for a new dress that she could wear that evening. The actress is believed to have asked for 1,000 (close to Rs 1 lakh) to buy a new gown, and had a hotel car take her and her mum to the big designer stores at Knightsbridge once the cash was handed over to her. Now here’s where the story gets interesting. Less than ten minutes after she’d left, the organisers got a call from their team at the airport that had been working towards locating the actress’ bags. Thank the lord, her bags had been found! The organisers immediately called the actress to give her the news. “Too late, I bought the dress already,” the actress replied coolly.

There was no question whatsoever that the car could’ve pulled into Central London that quickly, so the organisers knew they were being taken for a ride. But the cash was out of their hands, and there was no way it was coming back. They just had to grin and bear it.


OSOP Guess

Actress: Shilpa Shetty

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