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UPDATE: Blind Item Solved – See Below

When this actress did that thing she did, what has now happened was meant to happen! See, she might not be that famous, she is still a well-known person, especially on social media.

When a famous person films someone without their permission and shares that on social media, it is an invasion of that person’s privacy. Unless that person is doing something really outrageous, like that young lady who managed to take out her phone to film that pervert who whipped out his ‘thing’ to show her when she was taking out money at the ATM.

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Whatever she said happened might have happened, she was there and security also came out to help her so she cannot be making this up. Besides, it’s not that hard to believe right? How many of you have been in the same situations? Heck, we have been going through this since we were 10! You just imagine grown men staring at a 10-year old girl from up to down.

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To this day, we don’t know whether these men don’t see us looking back at them or something? Are they imagining things while staring?

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It’s something that most girls go through! And now, things are even worst because some guys think it’s OK for them to whip out their phones and record you!

So now this guy got so humiliated because the actress shared his picture and his name on social media. On top of that, she publicly claimed he raped her with his eyes and molested her. It’s quite something! Actually, that’s defamation right there!

Maybe if she choose some other word not “rape” or “molested”, it would have been fine. Usually, women do say “undressing me with his eyes”. In her case, she is a public figure and whatever she said about him must have caused him damages hence the lawsuit!

When news of this first came out, we thought that this actress is used to having men stare at her and all that, so if she felt this guy was doing something wrong then it must be something that made her really uncomfortable. Otherwise, she is used to get attention from men. Whatever happened that night must have made her really uncomfortable so much so that she had to speak out about it instantly.

But seriously if the man was warned and asked to behave, he should have done that. Why stand up and still stare at her even when security is there? Was he too enamored because she is a celebrity or what? Was he too shy to go up to her and talk? Why give her the creepy eyes?

By the way, someone replied to her this:


Seriously? Like men don’t stare at a woman wearing burkha?!

Check out the blind item from Mumbai Mirror. If this is true and what she is saying really happened, then she should fight him in court. But then again, she needs to be ready financially. If not, she will have to settle with him or persuade him to drop the case.

What do you think? Should she have exposed him or is she exaggerating? Words like rape and molestation should not be used lightly. Even if that is what she was feeling, she should have chosen better words to describe this situation! Most importantly, she should have followed it up by filing a police complaint since she already made her case public and revealed his name.

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Bollywood Blind Item

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A well-known female actor who called out her harasser on her social media recently, received what we believe is the predictable course of action. We hear he has sent her a defamation notice and plans to sue her for Rs 10 crore.

His case is that the actress was under the influence of substances and the same can be verified by the hotel’s CCTV footage. The accused also states he will give the money (if he wins) to men who are, erm, falsely accused. TouchΓ©.

OSOP Guess

Actress: Esha Gupta

A businessman filed a criminal defamation complaint in a Delhi court against Bollywood actor Esha Gupta after she accused him of sexual misconduct. The defamation complaint was filed by businessman Rohit Vig before Saket Court through senior Advocate Vikas Pahwa under sections 499 and 500 of the Indian Penal Code.

The court admitted the case and posted the matter for August 28 for recording pre-summoning evidence of the complainant.

The businessman, through his complaint, also sought adequate compensation in his favour. “The mental agony caused to the complainant is continuing every day since close friends and colleagues are contacting him and his family on a continuous basis and expressed displeasure over the content posted by the accused,” the plea said.

The complainant mentioned that many members of the public have been expressing doubts on the integrity and moral character of the complainant believing the false and defamatory statements to be true.

It’s not about being a celeb. What a normal girl has to go through? How can a man be above the law. I was having dinner. He came much later n took the table opp us. Why is it ok for men to think it is okay
β€” Esha Gupta (@eshagupta2811) July 6, 2019

Earlier this month, Esha, in a series of tweets, had accused the businessman of “raping her with his eyes” The actor had shared various posts and tweets of the alleged incident.

In one such post on Instagram, the actor wrote, “About my previous post, this guy was literally raping me with his eyes..thanks to my security for being more patient than me in this situation..does anyone know him? #deardonna.”

Posting a picture of the businessman on Twitter, Gupta wrote, “the man who thinks staring at a woman all night n making her uncomfortable is ok. He did not touch me or say anything. But throughout stare. Not as a fan, not Cus m an actor, but because m a Woman. Where are we safe? Is being a woman a curse.”


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36 Responses

  1. LondonThumakda says:

    @Joe wow way to blame the victim…

    but in doing so you’ve conveniently ignored the entire history of women’s movements in india …from the women who fought for social reforms that led to the banning of sati and child marriage, to grassroots movements like chipko, to the women who drove legal reforms in the wake of nirbhaya to the millions of women who lined up to protest in kerala just earlier this year.

    by the way there were many men who were also instrumental in those social reforms and many men who also took to the streets after nirbhaya …they didnt “break the bro code” they just stood up for whats right.

    you know, the female labour force participation rate in india is 24% thats worse than sudan, libya, afghanistan and just one percentage point above saudi arabia… and a big reason is many women simply arent allowed the freedom to go out and make a living in this country. if they cant feed themselves how can they stand up for themselves. and yet many do. isnt that something?

    and yes bollywood is not a great example of female solidarity. for example we didnt see powerful female stars form a movement like Times Up. But at least in the US, Weinstein is having his day in court. meanwhile the mumbai police keeps handing out clean chits to the accused left, right and centre (not because they’re men but probably because they’ve been paid off).

    And dont forget not too long ago, sitting officials of the ruling political party threatened to behead a bollywood actress in broad daylight.

    And our so-called powerful female stars cannot even dream of having the longevity of a reese witherspoon or nicole kidman who headline prestige projects well into their 40s and 50s. as filmgoing audiences we deserve the blame. after all we are the muppets who go to see misogynistic crap like kabir singh and sanju over and over again. no wonder bollywood cant even think about a film simply focusing on women’s contributions to space research (like the sublime Hidden Figures) without putting a sermonising akshay kumar at the heart of it.

    • Joe says:

      Why would you want to blame anybody? Why not see reality for simply what it is? Women do not support women, its that simple, any exceptions are not generalizations. Men in comparison are polar opposites. The results are seen in every walk of life, as clearly mentioned in my original post. It is not a male v/s female debate but about how each of them behave separately and results achieved. You conveniently avoided the fact that men collectively created abuses/slurs/objectification to abuse women, gossip/bitch about women on every platform and in personal/professional setting as mentioned in my original post, and are majorly responsible for crimes against women. You, like society always want to brush away the cause under the carpet and argue on consequences. If you understand it as 100% men are bad and 100% women good, then you simply do not understand what is meant by “majority”.

      All your examples are wrong – Majority of women’s movements were led by men. Women never stood for other women. Anti-Sati was led by Raja Ram Mohan Roy, a MAN. Anti-child marriage was led by Vidyasagar, a MAN. On the contrary, many women were partner in crimes against women and still are in professional and personal spheres. It is ironic that women didn’t had agency to stand for what is right but had all the power to push a girl into fire or get her married off to a 50yr old.
      Nirbhaya, Metoo – received all encompassing public support from entire India and is definitely “not known” for being led by women or known for any exceptional women support, who were equal in participation to men if not less. Without male uproar/organization against the dastardly case, no women would had made it into the movement it became. In fact, in MeToo several women knew about culprits but chose not to support their colleagues. This was not the case with men.
      Chipko – though a highly commendable movement, wasn’t even a movement for women cause but to save trees, led by women. This proves, women could lead even in bygone era irrespective of earning or not but chose to save trees instead of burning women!

      There you go, you yourself burst your argument that women are incapable of standing up for what is right – they have always stood up but never for women.

      Lastly, standing up for your own sake, for what is right is NOT dependent on whether you earn, that is just a lame excuse. You cannot eat food if you cannot earn, BUT you can stand up for yourself even if you don’t earn! Uncountable news can be read where the poor/ostracized or both have stood up for their right and against crimes against their communities.

      Women across strata can support liquor ban (not because drunk husbands physically abused women, but coz they spent the monthly budget), can save trees, can push women into fire or marry their kids to 50 yr olds, but NEVER stand up for women, ever! Women care a damn about fellow women victims assaulted or raped. In case of street eve teasing, a man might jump in to save a women victim, and it is understandable 1 woman cant save another woman victim. BUT, even in a crowded market filled with women, none of the women jump in to save the victim. Same goes for educated, earning women…they all turn a blind eye to victims until they themselves become a victim, when they too fight alone, since neither women nor women victims support each other. While Pancholi, Alok Nath, Luv Ranjan, this restaurateur have all the support across sections of society. When journalists, actresses, public figures call for women to stand up for themselves, it is because they do not!

      Ending this unnecessary argument of yours that gives excuses about why women dont stand up for women – they are poor/don’t earn, BW is an exception (it is a part of society and a good reflection of it), politicians are corrupt, audience has different movie taste, blah blah blah..

      • LondonThumakda says:

        @Joe do you realise you’re basically saying the “majority” of women are utterly selfish, completely cowardly and bear responsibility for centuries of oppression, marginalisation, violence against their own sex. you seriously believe that women NEVER stand up for each other and dont give a damn about rape! have you been paying attention at all the last two years?

        by dismissing my argument about the financial dependence of the vast majority of Indian women, you once again completely ignore the role structural imbalances of power play. its like saying white men deserve the credit for abolishing slavery and if it was upto black men they would remain slaves forever. but it hasnt been just men who have graciously granted women their rights over history. read up about susan b. anthony or emmeline pankhurst, read up about savitribai phule or pandita ramabai. read up about indira jaising’s work on domestic violence laws. heck read some feminist literature while you’re at it – simone de beauvoir is a good place to start.

        in my personal experience women do stand up for women, they do “care a damn”. i have had female bosses mentor me. i have seen women execs in my company bring up diversity and equal pay at board meetings and effect real change. i have seen women make a scene on a crowded delhi bus when a young girl was being groped. i have experienced the exhilaration of marching alongside hundreds of other women waving placards through the streets every year since 2017. i am truly sorry that you have had so little experience of female solidarity and female activism. i sincerely hope that changes.

      • Tina says:

        Early movements for women’s rights had men leading (but not exclusively) because there were hardly any women empowered enough, educated enough to do so, and moreover they were severely restricted by culture/religion/politics and the threat of horrific abuse, rape, and murder. The repercussions against women standing up for themselves and each other is far, far more horrendous than for men. This is true for most of India. In fact this is true for the rest of the world too. The Suffragette movement was a direct result of women being educated, and it was led by women. That doesn’t mean they don’t care. The laws against dowry death, workplace harassment, changing rape/molestation/POSCO/child labor related laws – that’s all women led.

        Lack of Education + Financial Independence + Political Agency. These things, along with severe cultural repercussions hold back women’s participation in leading movements. Also, by lack of Financial Independence I don’t just mean jobs, but actually being in decision making powerful positions in every industry, and within the family (not having to turn over their income to husband etc). And, I am sorry but I have had more women help me and stand for me when in dire situations then men. Men just slink away and pretend it never happened.

        But if you are so hell bent on your narrative of women betraying women, there’s nothing anyone can do change your mind. I mean seriously, you have even turned the women coming together (I am assuming you are referring to the movement in Andhra) to end rampant liquor availability and consumption as something they did not for each other but because of finances! Like is there a study that says that are did you just pull it out of your own prejudiced mind?

  2. Nefarious says:

    At the risk of sounding orthodox, i am not sure how she wants to be percieved. Posting nudes online isnt actually gonna earn her respect. Not to say the person should have been such a lech, but i cant imagine him doing something like this with alia, deepika or vidya…not that i can guarantee he wont…but celebs got to great lengths to build their image…irrespective of what happens behind the scenes * peace *

    • Rad says:

      This sounds suspiciously like victim shaming. Like its her fault he behaved like that with her because she posts nudes online. In another parallel universe she might have liked this kind of attention, but here in this case because she made it clear she didn’t, he had no business behaving this way with her. A woman’s profession should not have any bearing on how she is treated by others especially men.

      • Nefarious says:

        Rad, i am not contesting you,am just saying if you are putting yourself out there to be desired sexually and drawing the male gaze, you outta be prepared for somthing like this. Most men in india dont even know women mean No when they say no. In a country where fully clad women arent safe, ..need i say more?

        • GeekyGal says:

          Then it’s the men who should be blamed, isn’t it so?

          • nefarious says:

            Even if men get the blame, does that make the country a safe place : NO!
            Hence, id do whatever i need to do to protect myself. I cant hope that the men are all gentlemen now.. I cant control how they think, but i will take measures to safeguard myself to the extent possible.

    • Rad says:

      @Nefarious: This is a reply to your comment at the end. Yes you are right I too would not take that chance. I will safeguard myself because I know how men are. But there are others whose livelihood demands wearing such clothes like struggling actresses, women working in bars, escorts etc. So should we tell them its on you because you take such risks? As long as we don’t stop placing even an iota of blame on the victim, men will be emboldened into taking advantage. Name them and shame them.

      • nefarious says:

        Rad, i agree, but i am not able to understand how online nude pics are necessary for Esha’s livelihood? I dunno, maybe i am old school. At least in India, you wont earn respect…. maybe its game in the west.

        • Rad says:

          To make sure people remember/desire her otherwise in this industry where everyday you have newer younger faces coming, ready to expose some more, how else is she going to get work. And I don’t think respect is what she is aiming to earn πŸ˜‰

          • Nefarious says:

            I am sure she isnt aiming for respect either. But the consequence of that was this instance. Many ppl find it hard to disassociate the character these celebs play from who they really are. Her nudes maybe for professional reasons.but she could have them circulated to the powers that be than putting it out in the public domain. Behind the scenes all these stars are the same….i am not judging her for that, but one must be aware of the consequences..

            How i see it is, her work kitty doesnt look too promising . But shes invited the public to desire her body..which i am sure the said accused thought he was entitled to..

          • Nefarious says:

            I also dont think the younger lot is coming and ready to expose more.. you only get b grade stuff thereon..look what happened to mallika, sherlyn chopra..

            These nepo kids are pretending to be down to earth and respectable..look at how sara dresses..they want good work and respect.

          • Rad says:

            You probably don’t understand demand and supply. If people want to see more of her, she gets work. For tht she has to target people, not powers that be. The powers that be don’t care two hoots whether she wears a bikini or 9 yards sari as long as she is in demand.

            And then u talk about mallika and sara, two extremes. Sara doesn’t need to expose to get work she is a nepo kid. Esha can never compete with Sara. Her target audience is more like those of Nora and Sunny Leone.

          • nefarious says:

            Maybe i dont. Help me understand how does she prove that people want to see more of her? how does one measure that? I know with films: if it works, you can get powers to invest in you citing the recent success. How does she show shes in demand and get more work?

            I am not sure what shes upto these does work wise, but do you know how those pics have helped her? I genuinely want to know and understand.

      • nefarious says:

        Also i am not comparing her with Sara. I know thats one battle she aint winning. What i intended to say was that if the public demanded exposing, these nepo kids would do that too. this crafting of image to pander to the audience at large is what most of them aspire for. Heck Katrina manufactured her whole identity to ensure she has a career and longevity..

        • Rad says:

          Women post pics of themselves wearing skimpy clothes to get more views, comments, followers. These determine if ur in demand/popular among audience. Then agencies notice u and u get ads music vids then item songs etc. Unfortunately nowadays exposure sells. I’m not saying its the ideal thing but its how it is. So there, I’ve explained best I could πŸ™‚

  3. Sheena says:

    Having studied gender equality at Uni here a quick lesson: women are NOT women’s worst enemies. Please stop with this false premise. It is about power and who holds it, in most societies – men. Whether as a father, brother or son, boss, community leader or a head of state. In order therefore to have a say themselves and grab some power for themselves women play the rules of the said society. Wanting a male child and getting a status through the role of being a mum of a son to being powerful as a mum-in-law against the daughter in law is a sign of it. Being a woman boss and treating junior women like $&@ is also a symptom of it. Flirting with bosses or powerful men to get a raise or promotion of a role in a movie (since we are on this site lol) is also a sign of the society’s mindset not the individual women’s. So let’s fix the root cause and stop making terrible assumptions about women. They are victims of patriarchy not the perpetrators

    • Kiran101 says:

      I would really like to hear stories of women (especially successful women ex : Sridevi, hema malini etc ) why they chose to do what they did.

      I have a few guesses about thats about it… i would really like to know why other than the tripe they tell like they fell in love and all the BS. In Hema’s case it appears she was infactuated by dharmendra even though she had suitors like Jeetendra and Sanjeev Kapoor .

      Rekha has serious daddy issues and men in BW completely took advantage of it.

      Aneways … I read a very good answer(by feifei wang) on Quora in similar topic …gold diggers…

      • Kiran101 says:

        i want to add that Dharmendra took advantage of Hema’s infatuation and further wooed her to marry him. She was apparently in two minds about it.

        • Rad says:

          Except for the fact that Dharmendra didn’t divorce his first wife, he seems to be devoted to Hema. She is happy, doing well in politics and we haven’t heard Dharmendra cheating on her or anything. She continues working and he’s at home with his buffaloes etc. It takes a real man to be ok with that.

      • Sheena says:

        @kiran101: thx for sharing the link, v interesting. For ladies falling for married men, Kangana spoke about how married men use the oldest trick in the book – poor me, unloved, trapped in a loveless marriage. Haven’t slept in the same bed for xxxx years, only staying for the sake of the kids blah blah. Normally in all the examples u note that the men r much older than the girls (HR, SRK, Dharmender, AD, Akki..), powerful, chairstmatic, successful and the young smitten girls fall for it. Sad

        • Anon says:

          Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice etc etc. Kangana has fallen for it way too many times to be innocent always

          • Sheena says:

            @ anon: sure but don’t forget how young she was and had zero support from anyone (I don’t count the rapist-absuive Pancholi support). Still she always admitted her own part in these relationships and learnt finally

  4. CrazyWorld says:

    I’m sorry but when i saw the news item, i honestly felt she just wanted attention. This is a woman who posts almost nude pictures of herself on Instagram. I suspect her frequent appearance in Ajay D’s films is due to a ‘close friendship’ with him or one of his close pals. So i’m sorry but it’s very hard to take her seriously. She accused him of looking at her and called out his name on social media. Like, is that even necessary? She’ll have a really tough time proving her case in court especially if his accusations are true

    • Rad says:

      She doesn’t become less believable because she posts almost nude pics or has an affair with someone. And it also doesn’t make her fair game.

  5. Joe says:

    “Accused says if he wins, he will give money to those ‘falsely’ accused”….wow now THAT is called solidarity. Women Tch tch..learn from them.
    Until recently, I thought since almost all powerful positions are occupied by men, hence naturally they use power to abuse women..probably that’s why all individual MeToo cases combined, it “appears” like individual women victims fighting the entire Male gender i.e. 50% population.

    MeToo where 1 women tells the world (and through that the deaf and blind law agencies) about 1 man who raped/sexually assaulted her – somehow ALWAYS becomes a Male v/s Female debate which defeats the case for justice for that 1 man and 1 woman involved. Same story everywhere.

    This blind demystifies the mystery – Since childhood, boys teach each other a so called bro-code that initially revolves around THEM working collectively for a friend who is trying to pursue his crush, a single girl. Whichever boy breaks the bro-code is literally banished and looked down upon by fellow males, never helped in future and termed a friend of the girls – which is also frowned upon by school boys “isi ne baat batayi hogi”. This eventually evolves into a gender based intra support group – to working collectively and helping each other out irrespective of right or wrong times (exceptions do exist, but men/women who stand up for right are never heard anywhere).

    Of course, why else male colleagues bond better than male-female or females among themselves? Why male bosses support male subordinates many a times unjustly, irrespective of merit. Why male employees feel at home socializing through smoking, drinking and gossiping over girls..that is what they have been doing since high school and college, they aren’t doing anything different, they are just doing what they did all their life. Why Rachel in F.R.I.E.N.D.S had Rachel cribbing over why her gender or lack of smoking/drinking hampered her networking with bosses, mostly males – same story everywhere. Why even among family relatives, while aunts can’t stand each other, uncles irrespective of family differences are able to heartily strike a conversation in their drink party going on beside the bar discussing their respective Mrs. antics!!! Nothing changes for men since school-college.

    Likewise, whenever a women stands up to speak to men and women – the women care a damn because that’s what they have learnt since school, while men naturally react with their bro-code mindset, and gel together to stand for their “group”, and oppose the women ‘attacking’ bro-code solidarity. Any man who supports women victims, breaks that ingrained mindset of bro-code and he always stands alone, called names. No man supports him, they see him as a traitor, others become uncomfortable at their “group” member legitimizing the fact that men actually bitch about women, speak the worst of abuses, commit the worst of crimes and worst, discuss it among themselves and what pleasure they received! And women anyway don’t care about which man or woman supports that woman victim or not, that is just what they learnt…short sightedness. UNTIL, these women themselves land up as a victim and cry out, but like how she reacted in other cases, when she cries, she too cries alone.

    So, while Kangana fights her rape case alone, Alok Nath victim fights her rape case alone, likes of Aditya Pancholi, Alok Nath are supported even more by staying silent when issue is hot and giving them more work and more films, and later when things cool down, the entire male group jumps on flood of vocal support and solidarity. 1 Zaira Wasim flight case turns out false and this 1 case is cited each time by millions of men who are speaking as a gender group of how males are threatened/falsely accused/demanding lesser rights for women OR equal rights for both men and women. Men fully know the false cases are from both sides – men and women but are minuscule in comparison to India being the rape capital of the world, but it is all about bro-code mentality and they HAVE to stand together irrespective of right or wrong. Even on social media, if some man posts logically for a particular crime case, other men jump in to school him how he could not see “women are attacking us”.

    Hence, whenever a man is attacked/accused by a woman, that woman stands alone, while man is backed immediately and feverishly by most males – they continue to do what they have been doing all along, bitch about that women, throw slur that woman, even before verdict comes out, call that woman a liar/questionable, support their argument by mentioning xyz case where a woman case turned out false, other common men jump in, they start feeling threatened as males by this new age attack by individual women against individual powerful men.

    Damn, that is exactly why – globally men help their fellow men subordinates to climb success, why men ensure no one leaks about filth men propagate and commit and gossip about women, why men ALWAYS target women in jest/calling them blonde/bimbo/if promoted she must have slept, why men ALWAYS stand in solidarity with their gender. It is not just a coincidence that esp. today when women are increasingly educated and capable, their numbers in position of power is minuscule, their say in family matters is miniscule, their say in freedom to live her life the way she wants – clothes she wear/food she eats/etc.- is also dictated by men.

    This male solidarity is a solid SOLID wall that women will face in every walk of life. And because males are in every powerful position, they will naturally bring bro-code. Even Politicians, police take ease teasing/sexual harassment lightly “ladki ne hi kuch kiya hoga”/”are madam kyu court-kacheri mein fasti hai, shukr manayi aap bach gyi, ghar jaeyi aur ghar se bahar dekh ke nikle”.

    Women on the other hand have never learnt to work in solidarity. Women crimes are an epidemic in India still millions of individual women fight their exact same cases alone.While men criminals always work in groups and get support even in wrong things by fellow men. 1 woman can never win against a large group of people (men who will obviously support and women who will be indifferent). Even women victims will NEVER lend voice/support for other women victims. Exceptions like Kangana, Mahesh Bhupati are far and few to have any impact on this unsaid wall.

    No, there is no gender genetics responsible for men grouping for protection while females leading lives alone, it is just a learned social behavior since centuries aided by Western, Religious male domination rules that have become legal laws in several countries. Probably, it is a homosapiens Male Elephants/tigers move alone while Females move in herds, probably in homosapiens Male move in herds while female move alone – but it is all socially acquired behavior.

    MeToo will keep on failing – individual women can’t keep fighting male group
    Office networking will always run on male preferences i.e. over drinking, smoking, female colleague gossip. Women WILL have to participate or hope to find merit based opportunity
    Uncles will keep on bitching about Aunties and Mrs.
    Male comedians will keep mocking female – bodies, assets, curves, sizes, intellect, achivements
    The only unconditional support/solidarity men provide women is by fathers and brothers who will stand by their daughters and sisters irrespective of right or wrong, never the wives or other female relations. Exceptions always exist.
    Women will never create support for themselves because of their short sightedness. Somewhere some generation of women MIGHT stop transferring the same foolishness to their female descendants. Saas should always kill Bahu and vice-versa. Devrani-Jhetani. Bhabi-Nanad, 1 women fighting another for a boy (men strictly follow bro-code), 1 woman dragging other down to be 1 up above her (men always negotiate among themselves to work together to get a larger pie and share it). No wonder National Commission of Women is toothless, no wonder National Commission for men is not required since it wont add anything to male support group that already exists.


    Women, too bad…you are digging your own graves of being forever lonely. Pity! When Kangana, etc. said women need to support each other, she has seen as a victim how the industry supported men.

    Men, too too good…excellent invention of bro-code social technique, it lasts a lifetime and till the time you keep moving around in groups, NO one can break even a single one of you before fighting the entire gender. You turn all individual cases into gender debates, like this restaurateur who called on other men for support. Bravo!

    p.s. It is not a man v/s women debate or competition. Rather, it is about survival. Men solidarity and results achieved, how it helped them flourish and separately women solidarity (if any) and results achieved and how it helped them flourish (despite the odds).

    • Kit says:

      Well, look at it from this angle. Women do not have a “girl code” or if it exists, do not obey it.

      Have you ever heard the phrase “women are each other’s worst enemies”? Sadly, that is a reason why many women do not support each other. In Bollywood for example, history has shown that actresses who claim to be friends do not hesitate to stab each other in the back either for film roles or for men. Recall the Aish-Rani-Chalte Chalte saga? Recall Mona Kapoor who opened her home to Sridevi only for Sridevi to get pregnant for Mona’s husband under the same roof.

      I’ll be the first to say THE MEN INVOLVED ARE TO BLAME but it must have been more painful to the affected women that the other woman was either a friend or someone they extended help to. As bad as a Salman Khan is for example, he would never sleep with a Kajol because she’s his friend’s wife. But you’ll see an actress have an affair with the husband of someone she has a cordial relationship with.

      How many women have been close girl pals in Bollywood? Kareena has her girl gang because they are NOT her competitors. If they were, the friendship would have ended long ago. The men on the other hand have been friends for years. Even when they fall out, they eventually settle when they have a common goal.

      It’s not just in Bollywood. Some women do not hesitate to have an affair with a married man without consideration of his wife and flaunt it. A man on the other hand would NEVER openly have an affair with another man’s wife because no man would support him either in public or in private.

      Kangana for example has openly been the other woman in affairs with some married men which must have caused havoc in their marriages. Do you sincerely think ((if the rumour is true) that Kajol would openly give her support to her, considering the fact that Kangana (along with Ajay) didn’t give a damn about her while having an affair?

      Would there be a time women would actually support each other? Time will tell

    • Sangi says:


    • Tina says:

      Err…that’s not bro code, that’s OLD BOYS NETWORK and good old PATRIARCHY trying to protect themselves/itself. You are weird, and so is your understanding of the world.

      Women in traditional societies are tied into roles – where their position in families and communities
      1) relates directly to the men in their life and their relationship with them (sister, wife, mother, mistress, girlfriend)
      2) this position is always at the mercy of the mens’ whims and fancies (the attitude of ‘women must pass from the protection of their father to the protection of their husband’ exemplifies this)
      3) you have to constantly protect this position, viz-a-viz other women’s proximity to their men (and the standing they get from this proximity in society) which itself is decided by men, basically pitting one woman against another, sometimes literally for survival.

      I guarantee it that if there was a role reversal, men would indulge in worse manipulation and backstabbing to maintain their position. Hell, go to any IT department with majority Indian staffing and you will see this manipulation and backstabbing, because in this scenario, Indian men don’t have the guaranteed protection they have back home and fight it out for the boss’s proximity, (and the standing they get from the proximity). It’s kind of hilarious really how all the supposed ‘bro-code’ flies out of the window in these situations.

  6. abcd says:

    this proves time and again that whenever a female victim talks about her plight, her words are ignored.her intentions are questioned. this discourages female victims to file complaint and culprits get encouragement to continue such nusiance. now a days, most of the female victims are labelled liars and are called gold diggers when they try to stand up for themselves. evidence is not used for justice but to shame the victim

    • Mahendra Agarwal says:

      Sorry it’s not always men are wrong a lot of times even ladies are at fault just look at Karan Oberoi case

      • Tina says:

        More women are exploited, trafficked and molested than men falsely accused of it.
        More women get raped, than men are punished for it.
        More women have had Acid thrown at them and killed in the name of “love” by stalkers than men.
        More women get murdered for dowry, then men are accused of taking dowry.

        All men are not abusers, but most abusers are men. This is fact, fortunate or unfortunate.

        So yes, not all men are wrong, but it has never been a case of “lot of times” women being wrong. Some women definitely are – but quite a minority. Yet, its almost always the woman who is doubted and questioned.


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