Bollywood Blind Item – August 2019 – 2

This actor has always been known for his epic tactics when it comes to signing films. The main one is make loads and loads of money from signing any film. Doesn’t matter if it’s a small film or a big film, he walks away with the most money.

Lately, these past few years, something else awakened in him and he started to feel the need to do more patriot films to show his love to his native country. Now, he is killing two birds with one stone! Make as much money as he can while showing off how much he loves his country of birth!

Oh, by the way, we get it now why he charges so much. All this time, we were wondering why in the world does he keep on charging a bomb when this is causing his films to bomb at the box office?! He charges this much because he has to convert the money to the currency of the country that gave him his citizenship. So when he converts the money to that, it’s probably what actors of his status are earning there in that currency.

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Check out the blind item from Open Magazine by Rajeev Masand. By the way, what is the budget of this film since he charged a bomb for a small role? It’s kind of smart since if this movie becomes a big thing, he will get the praise and compliments.

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Bollywood Blind Item


Sure Bet

Word is that a male A-lister who stars alongside a clutch of female actors in an upcoming release only has 20 minutes of screen time but will take home Rs 81 crore. This business-savvy superstar reportedly became determined to make this movie when he discovered a recent Oscar-nominated Hollywood film with a predominantly female cast.

The subject spoke to him and also tied in with his nationalist leanings. He bounced the idea off a filmmaker whom he’d recently worked with, offered to take a key supporting role (that would nevertheless be marketed like a leading role) and jumped in to co-produce the film.

With his fingers in so many pies, he made sure he got the lion’s share of the film’s profits, attracting a cast that’s a mix of credible female stars and friends happy to take the job. He shot for nine days himself; he’ll promote the movie extensively and walk away significantly richer even if the movie tanks. He’s not regarded as the shrewdest superstar for nothing.

OSOP Guesses

A-Lister: Akshay Kumar

Film: Mission Mangal

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31 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Unreal hatred for AK! As if womanizing, using PR is exclusive to him in bollywood πŸ˜€
    I think it’s probably cz he makes patriotic movies which not many can digest.

    • Admin says:

      Him doing patriotic films has nothing to do with the hate he gets because everyone knows it’s a facade. It started way before that when his true colors started to come out.

      • Universal says:

        Of course everyone else is a saint in bollywood.

        • abcd says:

          if he has so much love for the country, why did he give up citizenship? there is no point in showing half- hearted involvement for the sake of pr. also, there are so many people who do good deeds but do not go around bloating about it.due to image of married man, he can’t make pr of his affairs. due to over exposed action image,he can’t talk all the time about it.these so called donations are all about saving tax, so there is no point in getting carried away with his patriotic image.

          • Universal says:

            Still don’t get the issue apart from his Canadian citizenship. Rest all is nothing new in bollywood. Half hearted or full hearted, atleast he is making those movies.

  2. abcd says:

    The problem with AK is that he is concerned about quantity and not quality of his movies. His focus is on revenue and not making good movies. Chopping of roles of co-stars, taking away all revenues of movies is not intelligence. It’s just greed. The way he wronged dharmesh darshan,
    Priyadarshan and latest neeraj pandey for Sid’ s movie (few years old matter)by getting scenes of movie deleted through contacts/influence and blocking screens for release of sid’ s movies, speaks volumes of AK’ pathetic and disgusting approach towards work. He married twinkle for movies and money. Raveena was right in calling Akshay original RK. Doubt whether his kids would get some amount of stardom as public is now strongly against nepotism. His movies do average business and not rocking business as it was few years ago. He has met his match by working with kjo. Hopefully, producers use their brain and money in right direction.

    • Rad says:

      Aren’t all actors guilty of all that you said. Being greedy wanting a share of profit over and above their huge pay. Compromising on quality by giving roles to their choice of heroines or actors famously sallu. Taking away credit belonging to writers or directors eg. Aamir in Taare zameen par/ 3 idiots etc, AK is the most principled actor following proper work time, staying away from parties etc, not taking his stardom for granted. And he is a self made man not a star kid. His son has not even debuted so its a bit early to talk about nepotism. I love Raveena but where AK is concerned I will take whatever she says with a pinch of salt because she is a scorned woman. She does have a right to be bitter but we can’t judge his character by what she says.

      I am not a great fan of AK or something but everything you said about him feels very biased and born out of dislike for him.

      • abcd says:

        Sallu’s stardom is diminishing. Aamir had to heavily repent through failure of thugs. Agree that Raveena is a scorned woman but she did call out of akshay for being original rk and that was right. Akshay did put in 50% efforts and remaining 50% was twinkle’s influence of making him meet right people at right time, set out record straight that outsiders needs star kids for support, be it through marriage or through boyfriend/girlfriend. Kartik has single minded determination of getting sara for movies/stardom. Jhanvi/aloo are almost treated like babies; wonder any outsider has got this kind of treatment. Some blunders are more visible and others follow suit.

        • Rad says:

          AK was definitely a player before he got married. He still is I guess but so are so many others. This is the norm in this industry. But he was definitely a star when he married Twinkle or else do you seriously think she would have married him? Just like men expect something out of marriage women do too. It was a calculated move on both their parts. What AK did was something like what Aishwarya did. Married into a famous family.

          • abcd says:

            there are no 2 ways about it; mutual benefits matter more and this is the everyone why is following the suit. Rk-alia, karthik-sara and so on. but it is also strengthening the divide, punishing people for not having a particular surname, haves and have nots, valuing contacts and surname more than hard word and talent, so as mentioned earlier they are still stars and not superstars. merit has become a joke for them.

  3. Universal says:

    Funny how anything related to AK HAS TO take a dig at his Canadian passport. Even if he does, what difference does it make? Other “Indian” superstars are still dancing around circles with heroines half their age or trying to portray Pakistan as a good neighbor and raking money. Atleast this “Canadian” is making movies which have some social message or depicts proud moments for this country. I don’t mind he is making money in the process. Also, as far as I know, AK regularly features in top tax paying celebs in India. So yah, his passport doesn’t matter.
    P.S – Who knows how many more stars of bollywood hold dual nationality or passport of another country.

  4. Rad says:

    AK is the only actor who regularly donates for causes recently 2 crs for Assam floods. That tells me that he doesn’t just act in patriotic movies but actually cares. So ok he holds a Canadian passport, but point out one superstar celeb with an Indian passport who cares to spend one penny except when it comes to their drug fuelled parties. Only after AK did, AB Sr donated 51 lacs.

    PC who is an ambassador of Assam was busy tweeting her birthday pics probably oblivious to the tragedy that had occured. Only when people slammed her did she even bother to tweet saying how ‘devasted’ she was. So neither do I hold AKs passport against him nor his overcharging.

    • Admin says:

      Bear in mind that when articles in the media come out about a certain celeb has donated this much, note how there’s always a “to donate” in the title. These articles are spread by their PR people and whether or not, it’s true, we don’t know. No one comes out to say they have actually donated. Look at Sushant, who himself went to meet the person in charge and gave him the check. Notice how for AK, these articles have been more often after every disaster since he became the new-age Manoj Kumar!

      • Rad says:

        Akshay Kumar
        Verified account

        Follow Follow @akshaykumar
        Absolutely heartbreaking to know about the devastation by floods in Assam.All affected, humans or animals,deserve support in this hour of crisis.I’d like to donate 1cr each to the CM Relief Fund & for Kaziranga Park rescue.Appealing to all to contribute @CMOfficeAssam @kaziranga_

        @Admin: I copy pasted the tweet of AK. And he specifically said he does not believe in just tweeting platitudes. He wants to do something. I totally agree with you that in a lot of cases PR spreads false news but in this case its true.

        I really don’t get the hate for AK πŸ™‚ even John Abraham does lot of patriotic movies. Its the rage nowadays I guess and everyone wants a piece of the cake but why when it comes to AK people mock only him for it. He is a womaniser I get it but so are so many others and afaik he has never forced himself on anyone.

        • Admin says:

          With these stars, it’s all about PR. They have long forgotten how it is like to be and live like a commoner. You know why AK gets hate? Because he’s plastic, as in fake.

          • Rad says:

            I thought AK might be a bit genuine. Its a shame πŸ™

          • Universal says:

            Somehow not able to reply on that MCP comment. I never said he is not a womaniser πŸ€”
            Everything written there can be easily used to describe any other bollywood star. Heck Sanjay Dutt even boasted about it and got a blockbuster movie. Salman is known for it, Amir has hidden ways, SRK probably less. Pretty sure their PR is as strong as AKs.
            Question remains, if things like these are not exclusive to AK, why the hate is exclusive for him.
            If making patriotic movies for image is the reason, who is stopping others to do it? Unless you feel they are angels who don’t know such tricks.

      • Universal says:

        Basically you mean he just announces but never donates and nobody complains. Ok.

        • Admin says:

          Not just him, almost everyone does this.

          • Universal says:

            Then he shouldn’t be getting the special hate that others don’t. But he does.

          • Admin says:

            Should we all forget that he’s a creep, predator, MCP, and maybe rapist? Why was he hell-bent to prevent stories about him coming out if he’s not guilty? Not just him, his wife too was ready to spend money on shushing everyone involved. His patriotism is just a small part of how big of a fraud he is!

        • Rad says:

          @Universal: I don’t buy that either. Once or twice he can get away with it but considering the number of times his name comes up with relation to donations for causes, if his pr is bluffing every time, he would have surely been called out.

          But I just take Admin’s word for it coz I’m not an insider.

          • Universal says:

            He actually help setup the bharat ke veer platform where people can directly donate to help fallen soldiers. PR or Canadian passport or whatever, atleast he is doing something. I don’t see any other so called superstar doing anything. Yet to get a convincing answer on why so much hate for AK.

  5. Joe Doe says:

    Admin, for a month now my mobile homepage refuses to be refreshed with latest OSOP articles. It always shows July 9 article onwards. I have to dig my way through footers to get to latest articles. Can you solve this ? I have deleted all cookies and cleared caches as well. Browser – Mobile Firefox

    • Admin says:

      Hi, sorry for replying this late. Here’s the thing, around the time you mentioned we assigned an app for OSOP on mobile. So if you have OSOP among your apps’ icons on your phone, remove it. That’s the only thing we can think of because it was the same for us. Keep us updated on how it goes.

      • Rad says:

        Admin, I have been having the same problem in my laptop for some time. I then click on Blind Items and only then I am able to see the latest blinds. Its not an issue but just fyi.

        • Admin says:

          Hmm…It is strange, indeed. Just try to clear cache and see how. The homepage is set to latest articles so there shouldn’t be any problem in seeing the latest content without having to click on the tags. Keep us updated on how it goes. πŸ™

          • Admin says:

            Update: Ok, so we got the same problem and what we did we just pulled down the page on the touchscreen of the phone as a way to update the page and it worked. It happened that way because the site was HTTP when it should have been https. Try it and see, and for those getting the same mistake, try.

  6. Pooja says:

    Just like lallu bhai get paid off 100cr per film when his film hardly recover budget.

  7. Ron says:

    Hi admin

    If his movies are not raking in much moolah, why would he get paid that much? Can you explain how these deals are made?


    • Admin says:

      It is quite simple, actually. We all have a right to quote our fee. Just think, you go to a job interview and quote your salary, the company can agree or not agree. In Akshay’s case, he has always quoted high fees irrespective of how big or small the film is. We think he always wanted to be part of the big league so this high fee of his is a way to show off that he is making the most money. Those who agree to pay him that much are doing so on the basis that they think the film will work and make a lot of money enough to cover their investment. Look at what happened to the Padman producers, they went bankrupt because they couldn’t get back the investment. For this BI. Mr. Masand saying that despite AK being very passionate and wanting this film to be made, he didn’t budge when it came to his signing amount. Look at how Bhushan Kumar refused to sign him up because he too is a money-minded person and he thought the money AK quoted to do his father’s biopic was too big of a price for him to pay. Compared to the big stars of Bollywood such as Aamir, SRK, HR & SK, AK is available to any producer and director, but only if they are willing to pay him his asked fee.

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