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There is a huge chance that the blind item below is not true. First of all, it is very unlikely that this actress will dare to refuse any film that Bhai personally sends to her. Sure, she might have refused to do that item song in his film, but to refuse actual films with real roles? That’s a bit far-fetched. Can she afford to piss him off when he can pull the plug off her sister’s project anytime he wants?

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This blind item seems to have been written in a way to make you believe that this actress is actually so strong-minded that she dares to refuse any projects Bhai sends her way. As in, it’s a way of telling you that she is taking her career seriously now and won’t do these silly films just for the money.

Let’s get one thing clear here. It’s not like Bhai is still “in love with her” so much so that his own girlfriend still feels that she is in her hometown instead of his home. These two shared a home together for more than 6 years. They have a big history and during his most testing and tumultuous time, she was there for his family. Also, we have always thought that this actress knows a lot about what happened that night on that trip to the bakery and on the other nights when he was out and about looking for Bambi.

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She knows and has kept quiet so far, so that’s loyalty and he is just rewarding her for that. On the same note, her secrets did come out from his side so maybe he feels guilty about that? None of his exes spent as much time with him as she did, so there’s that.

Check out the blind item below from PinkVilla. By the way, it’s laughable to think that Bhai has time to sit and hear narrations for her! Seriously? On top of that, this actress’ manager is the one Bhai fired so…

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Bollywood Blind Item


Has this top SUPERSTAR become an actress’s BUSINESS MANAGER, handling her movie offers?

While this superstar has become wary of launching any more newcomers, he loves helping this one beautiful actress in particular. Any guesses who it could be? This top male star is known for his generosity and helping those in trouble. He has sometimes gone out of his way to launch newcomers, sadly to his own cost, as they haven’t turned out to be as talented as expected.

While he has become wary of launching more newcomers, he loves helping one beautiful actress in particular. They dated each other at one time, and it’s said that he still has a soft spot for her. The top star is said to have turned her secretary as he has been helping her get plum projects from filmmakers but she refuses most of them.

The top star and the actress have given many blockbusters together. Though they broke up long ago, she remains a close friend of the family and often turns to him for help when required. In fact, his girlfriend takes a backseat while the actress remains at the forefront.

He takes care of her and is now helping her shape her career once more. The actress is not always accessible and those directors or producers, who cannot get through to her, contact the superstar who reads their script (or sits in on the narrations) and if he approves, he informs her.

We have come to hear one such story of a prominent filmmaker who tried to approach the actress on his own for a heroine-centric thriller. His last movies were blockbusters but he had remained out of the limelight for some time, so the actress didn’t know much about his earlier work. Her managerial team was also not forthcoming. After months of trying to contact her, a Bollywood friend of his told him to contact the superstar. Apparently, only he had access to the actress as nobody did. And the advice worked wonders.

The superstar called him home, the filmmaker gave him a story narration, and the actor loved it. He promised to fix up a meeting between the actress and the filmmaker soon but somehow it never happened. The actress is known to have her own mind and even with nothing much happening in her career, she chooses to do what she wants. Her team advised her that the thriller wouldn’t help her career much, so the actress did the disappearing act on the filmmaker. She still hasn’t told him that she’s not interested in doing his movie.

This is not the only instance. Apart from the filmmaker approaching the actress through the top star, the actor is also known to call his producers and directors for signing the actress for a role. If she likes to work with a particular banner which is scouting for an actress, all she has to do is inform the actor. He makes the necessary calls and if the producer or director is close to him, the actress is on board the movie.

At times, he also acts as her trouble shooter since he is known to sort out issues for her when she wants him to. In the meantime, his girlfriend stays in the background, waiting for some official acknowledgement from him. But those in the know insist that the actor will always be in love with his ex-actress girlfriend and till he does, the girlfriend will always remain on the periphery of their love life.

OSOP Guesses

Top Male Star: Salman Khan

Beautiful Actress: Katrina Kaif


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2 Responses

  1. Pooja says:

    This fake blind by user katrina herself trying to portray herself as strong minded not like kjo’s minion.right Now she doing rohit shetty’s survansam where she hardly have 5min role except she have no job and lost many endorsment suddenly she became serious actress will do meaningful role like written in above article all that is rubbish.even look at her sister after so and so still struggle to get debut film at age of 33.

  2. abcd says:

    sallu is not in love with kat. sallu is trying to help kat because he has this guilt of leaking her past along with rk. kjo and his minions are leaving no stone unturned to ruin kat’s career and this blind item is a step in that direction. kat needs work and so she would not say no to strong female roles.


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