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This is the second blind item that has come out about a star kid that is trying to shed some light on how she behaves in real life. Either someone is really upset at this actress or this is true.

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If this was true, this blind item should have come out earlier. So let’s go with the “someone powerful is pissed” part. As seen with the other blind item. this blind item too is trying to make this young actress seem like a bad person by highlighting the qualities of her and her mother.

Now, after having seen a few of her promos and interviews, she does not seem to be like her mother at all. She seems much more gentle. Not that her mother wasn’t, but that time was a different time. You had to appear strong on the outside to make sure no one messed with you.

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It is true that her mother has a reputation. Some might call it arrogance, but she herself survived Bollywood and its many narcissistic men! And you can’t do that by being soft and nice to everyone. If her daughter too is putting up a wall and boundaries, it’s good.

The fact that it is mentioned in the blind item that her mother had to go and ask this top filmmaker to let her daughter back in his project, you already know who probably pushed for this blind item. How many times will he keep on mentioning it? He already said the mother cried and begged him. Now, he is saying the daughter is so badly behaved that her mother had to ask him to get her back in the film.

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Well, it seems this powerful filmmaker is now unhappy with the two young ladies that have worked with him. Either that or it could be from a rival PR, who happens to mention the other young newcomer. Coincidentally, that young newcomer did not manage to create any big buzz and even her second film was courtesy of her mentor.

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Someone is still trying to make these two become rivals, it seems!

Check out the blind item from PinkVilla. It is so strange that they choose to release this blind item right after the other one badmouthing the other star kid.


Bollywood Blind Item


This newbie and her arrogant mother hurl choicest abuses at their own staff and team when upset

The newbie who has been part of some superhit movies is real, natural and wholesome in her normal life, but people close to her say that it’s all a faΓ§ade.

Bollywood has their own share of controversies and everyday dramas and most are used to it but this newbie actress and her mother’s attitude still manages to shock some! The newbie who has been part of some superhit movies is real, natural and wholesome in her normal life, very polite, humble and kind to the paparazzis but people close to her say that it’s all a faΓ§ade and in real life she is rude and arrogant to her managers and team – just like her mother. Both are said to be foul-mouthed and quick to lose their temper.

Her father is a well-known actor and her mother too and while the father was known to be rude and arrogant to the media in his younger days, he has now mellowed down. However, buzz is that the newbie and her mother are becoming more arrogant and temperamental by the day. It’s said that success changes people and the newbie who was known for her grounded behaviour is testimony to that.

Her mother was known for her attitude and brutally honest behaviour even in her heydays as a successful actress – a reason perhaps she was not as successful as she could have been. But now her arrogance is apparently crossing all boundaries. Her words and actions have often upset top filmmakers who have dropped the newbie from their cast. Sometimes, her mother has managed to sort it out and get her daughter back into the project but it is the staff of the newbie who is suffering the most now.

The newbie and her mother are said to be short-tempered with every little thing making them upset. A costume not stitched properly, food not arriving on time, producer being a little tardy on payments, a spot boy/driver arriving late because of the rains, are all reasons for the newbie or her mother to lose their cool. The newbie’s staff is replaced very regularly, including makeup artists and hair stylists, who refuse to work with the newbie now.

They share horrific experiences with others of how the newbie and her mother would give them gaalis (abuses) when they got upset. The mother tells them how she has worked with some of the topmost actors of her generation and she didn’t care about telling them off. She names some stars and how she would take their case too, if she didn’t like what they said or did, no matter how famous they were.

All this arrogance has rubbed off on the daughter who has started behaving like her mother now. Her father has tried explaining to her that the film industry likes gentle, polite, well-behaved actresses but nobody is listening. The newbie recently lost out on a plum project to another star daughter who is more professional than she is.

The reason perhaps why the other actress has more projects than she has. While the other star daughter is also known to be a spoilt brat, on set and off it, she is known to be a thorough professional with her producers, directors and staff, who have been with her since she started out.

Maybe it’s time this newbie actress took a leaf from the other’s career book and started behaving well or whatever career she has left will soon disappear. History has its own tale to tell of successful actors and actresses who came and went quickly because they couldn’t handle their success well.


OSOP Guesses

Newbie & Her Mother: Sara Ali Khan & Amrita Singh

Other Spoilt Brat Newcomer: Jhanvi Kapoor

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2 Responses

  1. abcd says:

    sara is making a mark for herself outside kjo’s camp. This hurts kjo’s ego and she poses a threat to evil aloo. Hence, kjo is spreading such news about her. Other newbie star kids (actresses) don’t stand a chance in front of her.

  2. RuRi says:

    Why do I think it is Ananya Pandey.. She fits the bill more than Sara

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