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This blind item was released last week, which is in no way based on today’s news. It could be that today’s news was derived from this blind item, which a little more details added in.

Alright, so many of you are going to ask, “If these two are fake then why are they tying the knot?”. Well, it’s the age of taking it to the altar now as you have seen from both Bollywood and Hollywood. Heck, some of them even have babies and then when their contract is up, they just split up amicably citing irreconcilable differences.

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So back to the blind item

Word on the street is there will be 3 big weddings next year in 2020. Out of the 3 big weddings supposedly happening, 2 are the real deals. As of now, it is left to be seen whether these 2 weddings will really happen. The first couple is quite a controversial pair, not because of their age difference but because of the scandalous back story of how they got together. If they do get married, it will be interesting to see who shows up, who among the big stars and big families in Bollywood. Unless they decide to go for a private wedding. If only his stepmom was here to see this! By the way, will they be serving BBQ ribs at the wedding?

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The second couple has been having a few problems lately. It’s mostly from his side. He seems to think that his career will be destroyed he gets married. People won’t be interested in him anymore as he thinks it’s him being single that makes him appealing. Who knows?!

Well, his fans won’t be too happy to find out he enjoys going on the merry-go-round. Somehow the blind item mentions how his parents are against this dalliance, which is not true. For his part of this blind item, it probably came from him as it is also mentioned how he HAS to marry her since her parents gave him the ultimatum!

The third part of the blind item is about Bollywood‘s golden boy! The one and only that they keep pushing out in front as the most talented and most deserving of them all! Yeah, only to KebabJo and gang. So, it seems his parents want him to settle down next year. Note how in the blind you get their side of the story on how the girl now is good for him and his exes were unsuitable partners.

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Seriously? Who cheated and who ran away? How is it always the girls’ faults? Their darling son can do no wrong, can he now? Let’s see how far this relationship of his manages to go. Of course, his parents like her because she is young and has a great career and let’s not forget, they think they can control and manipulate her. “Their standards” – she has managed to live up to that! His family went through a tumultuous year so there’s no way he is going to say no to his family. Let’s see next year what happens, his parents would already be home by then. Can he keep a relationship long enough?

Check out this melange of blind items about the upcoming shaadis next year from Hindustan Times.

Bollywood Blind Item


Wedding Belles

So, our filmy jasoos swears there’s going to be a spate of weddings in Bollywood next year. β€œThe svelte divorcee and her hunky actor BF are definitely on,” he says, β€œShe is keen to settle down and get the media and paps off their backs. So that’s definitely on,” he says , adding,

β€œAs for the successful actor and his non-industry, long-time GF, though it will be suicidal for his career, since he is one of the few bachelor stars left and much of his public adulation is predicated on his singlehood, much against his parents’ wishes, he is going ahead with matrimony as his partner’s insecurities mount with every passing day and her parents have given him an ultimatum that either they get married next year or the relationship is off.”

But, it is the third couple that had our ears pricked. According to the jasoos, the couple du jour, both A-list stars hailing from distinguished filmy families, who are very much in love, despite their age gap, are also making plans to tie the knot next year. β€œThis time, it’s the boy’s parents who are insisting he settle down, having emerged from what they feel are a couple of disastrous relationships with unsuitable partners, the fact that he’s finally found someone who is appropriate by their standards, has prompted them to make their wishes amply clear to their son. And for once, he is prepared to take their advice on board.”

So, shall we expect band baaja and baarat all over again? β€œAll three will take place in 2020 and as far as the grapevine goes, are being planned as destination weddings,” he informs.


OSOP Guesses

Svelte Divorcee & Her Hunky Actor BF: Malaika Arora Khan & Arjun Kapoor

Successful Actor & His Non-Industry, Long-time GF: Varun Dhawan & Natasha Dalal

A-List Stars: Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor




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