2017 – April – Blind Item 2

Bollywood Life decided to bring an old news back as a blind item by sharing in a couple of more details regarding this whole thing. We do remember there was another news on how he was leaving and she pleaded with him to not leave and even called his best friend to intervene. But, this is the second time we have heard something similar as written in the blind item below. He sounds like such a coward. First of all, you want someone else’s girlfriend. Then when you get to have her and want to be done with her, you don’t have the guts to tell her that. These two have broken up like 4 times and all 4, he couldn’t face her to tell her that. He just disappeared. His mum once said that he gets into things and don’t know how to get out of it. She was talking about his other girlfriend, he supposedly didn’t want to be with. If you have the balls to cheat, you should have the guts to face the music. We knew from the beginning that this guy was smart. In public, he’s all nice and down to earth and in private, he’s a freaking psycho. Maybe the actress thought that being a psycho was attractive since her ex is also pretty much like that.

Sadly for the actress below, she thought they had a future together. She thought he really was going to marry her. We think that him moving in with her was a way of showing his dad that he too can be in control. If you remember, his parents never approved of her coming over and spending the night in his room in their house. That’s why she used to sneak in at night. But, she should have been smarter and should have had some self-respect. The old man literally scolded her once and had her get out of his house. Maybe her making their son get out of the family home was a way to show them that she has the upper-hand. Now, he’s staying at his own new place, where he can do what he wants when he wants and with who he wants.


Bollywood Blind Item

2017 - April - Blind Item 2


This actress was shocked with the way her actor boyfriend dumped her

Apparently when the going was good and the actress was out of town for some work, her star boyfriend decided to pick all his belongings and leave the home they had shared together.


The actress was actually the first one to dump her Casanova boyfriend, however the couple reconciled after sorting the differences. But, the lady was shocked with the way her beau ultimately ended their relationship of many years. Apparently when the going was good and the actress was out of town for some work, her star boyfriend decided to pick all his belongings and leave the home they had shared together. It seems at first it didn’t even register that her BF had literally run away without even giving their relationship a proper closure. When the heroine went into the kitchen she saw that her beau’s fridge magnets (that he’s crazy about) were missing, she felt something was off. The actress then went to their bedroom and found that her partner had literally walked out on her with all his belongings.

The actress was so shocked with this act that she wanted to find out what had happened in 48 hours. So, the lady started desperately calling him. However, there was no response and the actress didn’t even get a reason on why the actor had decided to call it quits. By then there was already buzz about their relationship falling apart and while both the parties did not give an official statement in the beginning news was that the two hot and happening stars were single again.

The actress continued to maintain a dignified silence and refused to make any comment about her breakup or her ex. The actor on the other hand chose the perfect spot ahead of his film’s release and decided to make his singleton status known. Not only did the actor go gaga about his ex-lover, he also was all praises for his former ladylove. None of which we hear managed to soothe the actress, who knew that this was nothing but a game plan/ good publicity for the hero.


OSOP Guesses

Casanova: Ranbir Kapoor

Actress: Katrina Kaif

2017 - April - Blind Item 2

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11 Responses

  1. Hun says:

    would have liked to know more about her past and her as a person, bollywood please?

  2. Asha says:

    Thanks Bollywood! I am not gasping because every story about him seems to be true! the time he got caught and had to be rescued…what a mess! I find it hard to believe that she was into it heavily because as an actress you have to make sure you don’t OD for the sake of your skin πŸ˜› I honestly would love to know more about her past. Was it accompanying ‘dates’ around the town, or was there more activity involved.

  3. Asha says:

    I thought he left her because his parents sent him a video or audio with damning evidence of her ‘past’. She shouldn’t have leaked those Ibiza photos or the countless story about their relationship when the focus should have been on his career.

    • Bollywood says:

      No, he knew about it way back. It was why he was with Katty, she was different from Indian girls. They did enjoy the same hobbies that help them get through the day, if you get what we mean.

  4. pooja says:

    doent the so called dignified katrina leak ayan mukharaji undie video to every1

  5. pooja says:

    i think its all pr by katrina.she is cheap can do anything to became kapoor bahu its was dp who dump rk by caughting him red handed.katrina cheated on salman now calling herself dignified she even know meaning of this word.in industry ppl know her past she only fool indian audiance

  6. Rashmi says:

    Ranbir does not really have a conscience, he left Deepika immediately after her turn of flops and began adultery with Katrina. He could not find the courage to say to Deep that everything was over between them and made her throw him himself (then he used a successful Katrina, but when she started a bad phase, he just disappeared from her life.) Poor Katrina wanted explanations, but I’m surprised how Salman forgave her … Now rumors are circulating that Ranbir has views of KanganΠ°, but I hope Kangana will pass by this rascal (

    • ghjk says:

      He’s probably a sociopath on some scale. With the world at his feet and him dumping women left and right, the only consolation for us mere mortals is that he’s probably not experienced true joy in the longest time. He seems riddled with self doubt and angst. JJ not releasing should’ve grounded him, but it’s probably ended up just frustrating the fuck out of him.

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