2016 – January – Blind Item 3

According to SpotboyE, the blind item below happened and going by their words, we are sharing it with you today. We won’t say much, but based on all the tips given, we can only think of that one subject as our OSOP Guess. It’s quite obvious, just check out the blind item below and you will see. It seems that the more popular actresses get, the more insecure they are about themselves. It doesn’t matter if they have won multiple best actress awards, national awards or even beauty pageants. To them, they feel they can look better!


Bollywood Blind Item

2016 - January - Blind Item 3

Plastic Surgery Costs This Bollywood Actress A Role In Majid Majidi's Ishaan Khatter Starrer

The actress was initially shortlisted by the Iranian filmmaker for his upcoming film, but her constantly changing looks led to Majidi deciding against casting her. And no, we are not talking about Deepika Padukone or Kangana Ranaut

Shahid Kapoor‘s half brother Ishaan Khatter is making his acting debut with renowned Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi’s upcoming film, Beyond The Clouds.

While the youngster is the male lead in this heart-warming brother-sister saga, the makers are yet to get an actress on-board. Reports of Deepika Padukone giving a look test for the film surfaced in November last year leading to speculations that she might be the leading lady of the project. However, Majidi denied the reports saying that he is now looking at an all new cast for the film.

Reportedly, Kangana Ranaut had been finalised for the role but she opted out

However, did you know that another A-list actress was being considered for the part? was in India in August last year to scout for the cast, his creative team showed a number of photographs of this A-list actress to him.

The filmmaker was initially impressed with what he saw, but soon realised that she looked different in every picture, especially her nose. He questioned the team members, who told him that the lady in question had gone under the knife several times. This didn’t go down well with Majidi and he decided against casting this actress.

Considering that actors in the glamour world end up altering their appearance to look better, isn’t it ironical that this A-list actress lost out on a role because of that?


OSOP Guesses

A-List Actress: Priyanka Chopra

2016 - January - Blind Item 3


The award for your cooked-up plant has to go with this one. How convenient. DP vicious PR team plants this to suck up their own shame. You fell for it, losers.


To be honest, I think if Kangana abandoned the project, then the role of is insignificant .. so I do not think that Kangana is lost, though Majidi good director. about Priyanka, she went under the knife several times, the last case is her breasts


are you saying this because of the dresses she has been wearing lately? 😉


largely due to the teaser Baywatch was very obvious


Sounds like Katrina too. Priyanka’s surgery is so obvious, but she keeps denying it. I don’t think there is anything wrong with plastic surgery, as long as it is done tastefully.


That’s very sad. But she’s getting movies and TV shows in Hollywood where her place is really is after all that surgeries together with her surgery friends actors.


Someone once said the golden words “Jo bhagwan nahin deta, woh doctor deta hai.” 😀 😀